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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Reflections

You wouldn’t know it, but I love Thanksgiving.  It’s my favorite holiday, for a few reasons.  I realize that it is December 1st and with the change in the month it is now ok for Christmas to be the next big thing.  In my head it’s not December yet.  So let me tell you a little about Thanksgiving before you move on in your festivities. 
When a family or a group of friends gather on Thanksgiving, they bring food.  And although food can be a present, there is no pressure to find and bring a gift.  In many ways it is the holiday where you can come as you are.  One’s presence is what makes the difference.  One’s presence is the gift. 
When we want to make someone comfortable, we offer them food or drink.  Food, nourishment of the body, brings people together.  Everyone needs food, it is required, a necessity.  And so, besides the gluttony title that this holiday has taken on, it is the perfect combination of bringing people together, satisfying a natural need, and setting the table for relationships to form.
It is incredible that the United States has a day where things are {supposed to be} closed and the whole nation gives thanks.  We as a people do not realize the amazing things and opportunities we’ve been blessed with.  I know that we don’t all have the same privileges available to us, but we have so much.  It is refreshing to know that there is a time where I am forced to say I am blessed, I am loved, and I have much.
The final reason why I treasure this holiday has to do with heritage.  My ethnic heritage is ummm, well… I’m a Western European mix {look to the right for exhibit A}.  When people talk about traditions that have ethnic or cultural roots, I’m at a loss.  Thanksgiving is my heritage.  I had an ancestor that came over on the Mayflower.  When I say I’ve been here too long that the handed down traditions have faded, it’s true.  {Another side of my family came over in the mid 1700s.  Yep, I’ve been in this country for a long time.}
I am so thankful for this legacy.  It means that traditions are made by my family and shaped by the things that we hold dear.  The traditions aren’t something that has to be kept, but rather they are things that are formed through the making of memories.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Lately I’ve been reading The Ragamuffin Gospel and I love it.  It’s taking me awhile to get through it.  I started on my trip and have continued in little moments here and there.  I love books and reading.  By the time I finish this one I won’t remember what happened in the beginning and have to start all over again.  That is typical for me these days.
The other day I was reading a chapter and it talked about how God sees each of us.  And then it said something in a most profound, roundabout way. It was to the effect of; our hearts should break when we hear about the person in the car accident, the children dying of starvation in third world countries, and the ‘enemy’ our military is fighting.  When any one person dies, there are people that are affected.  There are family and friends, and even the person they passed each day, which are impacted.
I was thinking about the fact that each of us wants attention.  We want to be known and loved for who we are, and nothing else.  The amount of love songs and break up songs on the radio attests to this fact. And yet, we rarely grieve over the ‘enemy’ that dies in battle, the lost and searching souls.  We get wrapped up in our world and how it matters to us.  Each person, no matter what ethnic or theological background is a child and beloved of God.  The person that is different in every possible way from you was created by God to be just that…different.
Ok, now that I’ve totally made you think deep {and what is in my head probably didn’t come out the way I intended} let’s do a little life update.  I too want to be known and want to tell you about me. {I’m just being honest!}
I haven’t forgotten about the stories of my adventures In Western Europe.  To be honest I’ve barely looked at the pictures.  I am trying to settle back into life here in the States and picking up what I dropped in my wake. 
For those of you that don’t know, in the last couple of months I graduated from college, moved back home, am looking for a job, and trying to figure out what my community looks like for the time being. {Oh, and we should throw in the weddings that I’ve been in and attended.  There are some pretty special people that should get some blog time.}
To say that life is changing is an understatement. 
It’s beautiful, exciting, challenging and a bit overwhelming.
I’m being challenged to change my perspective and see my life now as a joyful journey of opportunities.  At least that is what I pray my attitude is becoming.
Join me in thinking outside your world, in maybe a way you haven’t before?  I cant wait to hear what you find

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Going, going... I was gone

The other day I sat in the seat.  Took some deep breaths.  Looked out the window and imagined what it would be like.  And then we took off and began to fly.
I have come up with so many tag lines, titles, and introductions for this post.  None do it justice.
On July 30th I had the phone on one ear, my mom sitting next to me, and a computer screen on which there was a button that said something to the effect of "buy now."  Ready? {deep breath} One, two, three... {click}  And there was the anti climatic screen showing all the other boxes to fill in.  But then there it was.
I had just purchased a ticket for a Europe.  
The other end of the phone line sighed.  I sighed.  My bank account was a little emptier, but there was so much to look forward to.
On September 3rd I to up in the darkness from a fitful sleep.  We grabbed our bulging backpacks and went off to the airport.  There are so many thoughts that went through my mind in that hour long drive to the airport.  But most were of excitement and I can’t believe I’m doing this thoughts.  I wanted to tell everyone in the airport.  I don’t just do this, this is not like me, but I’m doing it.  Look!  See?  
I mean, it’s not like I haven’t ever purchased a ticket before or flown.  But when I do it’s always a little bit nerve-racking.  Here I was with all these important papers on me, a train ticket, a passport, boarding pass, and I was just going to go to Europe.  
There was money in the bank and well, money in my pocket.  I had a friend by my side.
Most people said, "Good for you.  A little post graduation trip?"
Yes, well, by definition.  But no, just a trip.  With a friend.  Just an adventure
So about 2 months ago I bought a ticket and then a month later I got on a plane, and 3 weeks later I came back, and now I'm telling you about it.
I don’t know what it looks like to share, but I do know that I went on adventure.  In every adventure, there is a story.  I went on a whim to write a different piece of my story and I had a fabulous time.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

When your Friends are on Adventures...

Unfortunately the last thing I want to do after being on a computer all day is come home and be on the computer.  There is an odd relationship between being at work on the computer and being at home on the computer.  
The other day I went on my facebook and was bombarded by all the places my friends were.  There was evidence of my friends going to places that were adventurous to them.  Some of the evidence wasn't of a pretty statue or building, but them with all bags in hand in the airport.  There were also words expressing their joy, wonderment, and excitement.  
Please don't think that I am not excited for them.  I am. Truly. 
I am so excited.  I would love to be living the stories with them as they happen, rather than hearing them after the fact.  I would love to see these new places and see them interacting with the people and the place.
It’s one of those times where I wish I could multiply myself and be in a million places at once.  Or maybe just 10 places at once.  The truth is, there would not be enough of me to be in all the places I would want to be, or enough time in the day to do all the things I would want to do.  When opportunities are seen and the doors of possibilities are opened, the dreams get bigger.  There is much more room for those dreams to grow into bigger, better, and loftier ideas.
Needless to say, I am being disciplined not to look at airline websites.  I am weary to look at my bank account.  But I am excited to do a little travel dreaming.  And yes, I'm looking at the calendar and plotting my next destination.
A {few} of the people and places:
Devrie and Lauren are melting and loving in Haiti.  Anna is exploring Ecuador.  George just got back from Brazil.  Katie is in Thailand.  Kaiten went all over Africa.  Dominique just spent months in Kenya and is now planning to go back.  Jenny has been in East Asia all year and is going back.  Natalie is headed to El Salvador for a year.  Paige just soaked up the history of many cities in Europe and Tiffany is just about to take it by storm.  Oh and Hawaii, there's just too many to count.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Coffee Shop thinking

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love coffee shops. 
And you know what I love is that there is a coffee like beverage that is a part of almost every culture.  Ok, so some cultures its tea.  But when I think about some of the best conversations I’ve had with complete strangers have been the ones that take place in a coffee shop, at a park, or while riding public transportation. 
These days I’m loving the coffee shop because it is a place to stop, sit, talk, and think.
I recently moved back to the bay area.  That would be due to graduating and going with the assumption that living at home is the best option right now.  It’s been a transition, and it will continue to be.
I’m back on the central coast for brief weekend trips this summer.  And as I sat in one of my favorite college coffee shops I was sitting enjoying the surroundings.  There are the most beautiful paintings up on the wall. 
This particular shop has revolving art displays.  Some I have enjoyed, but others aren’t my favorite.  This one, I moved seats just to be able to look up and see two specific pieces.  We all know that in Europe I was the art junkie that went to museums and learned about the history and the times.  I could walk around art shows most days.  {I also like the outdoors}  I’m feeling inspired to ride a bike and find a huge oak, thanks to these paintings.  I love that something indoors can move you to be outdoors. 
I encourage you to go sit in a coffee shop soon.  No agenda.  Simply taking it as it comes.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


You know what I’ve figured out.   I’m not Wonder Woman.  I know! Who would have thought?!
{Sweet Melody and I have a wonderful joke about this, makes me smile every time}
These last few weeks I have had so much going on.  So much that I wanted to be a part of.  And I have learned that the world doesn’t stop.  The earth doesn’t shatter when your own world feels like it’s about to explode.  The things I always knew but hadn’t experienced became a reality.
This year has been a lot of things becoming reality.  Truths coming into their full being.  And many times it means that things don’t make sense.  And experiences didn’t turn out or go the way I thought and hoped they would.
It’s been a struggle the last few weeks.  Life is hard.  One of my favorite quotes is “it takes courage to grow and become who you really are” e.e. cummings.  When I was younger I thought it was strange and I liked the sound of it, so I kept it tucked away in my memory.  I brought it out a couple of months ago.  I mull it over very once and awhile.
Courage.  Its hard to come by and its important. “20 seconds of courage that’s all you need sometimes” We bought a zoo, anyone?  You got to love the movies that are sweet and sappy and remind you of growing up.
Anyways, I’ve learned that I can’t do it all.  I’ve realized more than ever that I don’t understand how those popular bloggers can do it.  And I don’t understand a lot of things.  And I’ve learned how much I have to learn about my life.  Life is an adventure and part of the adventure is beginning to let go so that you can move on.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

If I had One Wish...

If I had one wish to make, this is the wish I would choose, I’d want an old straw hat, a pair overalls, and a worn out pair of shoes…

Ok, so we can nix the shoes and just go barefoot.

This is the song sung by sweet Shirley Temple in the movie Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. I’m a big Shirley Temple fan, and yes I even dressed up as her for Halloween one year. I have a habit of dressing up like historical figures or in historical costumes for Halloween. {A different story for a different time.}

I sing this song in my head, it's a great tune to whistle, and I forget all the other words.
If I had one wish…

I’m not much of a wisher. I mean I say the phrase like most people do, but I don’t put my hope in wishes. I put my hope in other things. I would say that I am a dreamer and I love to use my imagination, but I don’t put my hope in my dreams.

These days I’m looking for simple. When I left the house I forgot something, went all the way home to go get it, only to leave yet another important object for my day at home. Flustered. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. These characterize my life at this point.

I long for summer nights of starry skies and fire pits. I long for vegetable gardens and backyard bbqs. I long for berry picking and jamming. I long for Italy and using olive oil for everything. I long for the smell of sweet honey and the sound of people laughing in good company.

A friend of mine and I went off in a frenzy as we gushed over the simple life, gardens and fresh produce, coffee, and dreams. I couldn’t be logical when my head was spinning and my mind racing, to these big plans of simple.

This last year I entered into the knowledge of the people that grow the foods I eat, that milk the cows, and produce the butter I delight in.  Today I walked through the crops unit and saw the calves at the dairy.  Longing for simple life.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuning and Pruning

I’ve been thinking about tuning and pruning lately.  It’s the perfect season right now.  Spring is coming out in beautiful flowers, longer days, and peaceful sunsets.  And time is slipping and swishing past.
But the reason I’ve been thinking about tuning is for my love of music.  I was thinking about how I regret in some ways not pushing myself more to learn an instrument when I was young.  I think I was fearful of the time and commitment that it would take to practice.  I was fearful of failing expectations.
And now I sit in the coffee house just off campus.  There are so many things that are buzzing about this place, but the one that stands out is the man tuning the piano.  It’s the most atrocious sound.  It goes above all the other noises, above the people talking, and the typing, and paper crinkling. 
It stands out. 
It’s different and unusual, but that’s not why it stands out.  It stands out because it sounds awful.  It takes time hitting the keys and hearing horrible noises to make the piano just right.  And in the same way the tuning in our lives is accomplished.  It takes time to be refined, tuned, and form new habits.  It takes time to deal with the problems and the issues. 
Every so often we need to be tuned and it is a process.  Its takes work and it can be awful.  We want to run away from the pain that we hear or feel or that is a part of the process.  But there is hope.
In the end, after the tuning, the piano makes beautiful music.  The sound that was once horrible is one that draws people in.  From the broken and messiness comes the beautiful.  The process makes the end note that much sweeter.  Refining in the tuning and pruning becomes beautiful.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Conversations of Joy

I've been away for awhile.  Blogging could not be a priority.  And even in the midst of that, I was still writing.  My thoughts still poured out on a page.  Nothing bad happened, there was no catastrophe, I just wasn't posting.  There were things in life that were more important and those things took time and attention.
This was written awhile ago, but I can express these sediments today as well.  Happy Sunday!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!
How do we discover joy?  I think as others have said before me that joy is found in the little things, the things in which we stop and are thankful.  And if it true that we find joy in the things we are thankful for then I am thankful for conversations.  Conversations bring me joy; especially conversations that come from nowhere, in a coffee shop, in the park, on the bus.  They are of an introductory nature.  A catching up on life and the things that make it beautiful.   A way to see the world as a place where passion and discovery grows.  People know things.  They know what makes their world tick.  They know what makes them excited.  They know more than I will ever know.  And they can do more things than I will ever learn to do.
Oh life is beautiful.  Have a conversation and discover joy in relationship.

Monday, March 18, 2013


I’m sorry.  My explanation: it’s finals week.   And I busted out a rather long paper with numerous citations this last weekend.  Needless to say…I can’t look at a computer screen and type.  It just isn’t going to happen.
Hopefully I will be back this week after recovering for a few days


Jumping on the bandwagon...but I'm still figuring this all out so bear with me !

Monday, March 11, 2013

Quiche: Everything but the Kitchen Sink version

Friday night I came home from being out of town for the previous 24 hours.  It was a stressful day and I had been meaning to make quiche all week.  I forgot to buy a crust at the store {cause that’s what happens these days, store bought crust}.  So it was leftovers and quiche combined.

If you are like me and forgot to buy or are too lazy to make a crust make a simple cracker crust.  I used Ritz crackers because, well I was too lazy to make a flour crust.  Mix the smashed cracker crumbs with melted butter (3-4 tablespoons) and pat into a pie crust.  Bake for 10 minutes at 250 to set.
Chop up whatever veggies you have and sound like they would be good together.  I had roasted brussel sprouts earlier in the week and so that went in with the red bell pepper and zucchini.  I suggest adding some protein, we added sausage that actually had spinach, cheese, and garlic inside.  Fill your crust with the veggies and meat and top with shredded cheese.  I used cheddar and parmesan because that is what I had on hand, but my favorite is swiss.  Mix 3 eggs with ¼ cup milk and few dashes of pepper.  If you don’t have garlic in with a veggie I suggest adding some to the egg mix.  Pour over the top and bake for 25-35 minutes at 375 or until cheese is slightly browned.
I also figured that since I just talked about coming to the table this was a perfect opportunity to show you what's been on my table lately.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Table

I love kitchen tables, dining room tables, side tables.  Tables represent food and gathering to me.  They represent a display of life.
When we come to the table for dinner we are normal, ordinary.  Actually most people don’t sit at a dining table to eat their dinner.  I know that I’m guilty of this as well. I eat on the couch or in my room when others are using the common area.  Sometimes I eat sanding up around the kitchen or on the stool in the corner.  I don’t take the time to come sit.  To rest.  To process.  To build that community.

I wonder but also believe that Jesus used the table as a place that was ordinary and simple because it would be remembered.  It is a task that we must do every day; we must eat and drink.  It is a simple and sustaining meal; bread and drink.

I think of that night when Jesus came to table...
There were no decorations
No table cloth
No candlesticks or plates
No centerpieces
No place cards
Heck, who knows if there was even a table
Just wine, a cup, and bread. 

And people.  People that were very much loved.

Hands breaking bread make up the table.
People in conversation make up the table.

Like I said, life is centered around the table; through our conversation, through our nourishment.

These are two videos, one a business plan about using what Jesus started to be a community and the other a song.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Washing Feet

“We are going to go to the day shelter and give women beauty treatments.  Want to come?  You might be helping with haircuts, or painting nails…I think there might even be a massage therapist there. “
I found myself saying that I would go.  A few days later when we arrived I found myself giving pedicures and that means that I was washing feet.  There were homeless women with missing teeth, homeless mommas, and homeless teenagers.  For the most part they fit the stereotype.  For the most part.  They are people.
And while I wasn’t expecting to be washing feet, just painting toenails, there was a bigger surprise waiting.  See this had been set up as a way to serve women in the community, but the men wanted to be a part as well.  And there was a man who sat down at my station.  His feet needed to be washed.  And I sat there, with the tub in front of me and washed and scrubbed and rubbed lotion on his worn, callused feet.
I also had the opportunity to wash a pregnant woman’s feet and paint a frilly French pedicure that day.  She had her daughter about 8 years old with her.  It was pink for the little girl and a deep foot rub for her momma.  It was humbling.

Today I was thinking about Easter.  It’s one of the most important holidays as a Christian.  At the last supper Jesus washes the disciples’ feet.  It says {he} rose from supper. He laid aside his outer garments, and taking a towel, tied it around his waist. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples' feet and to wipe them with the towel that was wrapped around him. John 13.4-5
Have you ever washed someone’s feet?  It’s humbling, on the part of the receiver.  It’s a gift that is a symbol and an act.  When we wash our feet we are preparing them to do work.  Our feet work the hardest and receive the least attention, at least mine do.
We are called to be hands and feet.  Tangible work.  It’s through the gospel that this work acquires meaning and we are humbled. 
How beautiful are the feet that bring Good News Romans 10.15
So as we come towards the last supper I am going to be looking down…at my feet.  In reverence, in awe.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

God's Plan {Wedding Season}

I wrote at least 3 blog posts today, 2 in my head and 1 in my notebook for American Political Rhetoric.  It did apply to what we were talking about and I just wanted to share what I’ve been learning.  So that should be coming soon.  What I didn’t plan on was writing out a blog post and skimping on my precious sleep.  I have been {re}learning that life is not ideal and I think this instance is a choice for me to dive into that deeper.  Here is to writing what is on my heart and embracing all that is not ideal...
A few months ago I landed at The Lipstick Gospel and I was blown away. 
Stephanie is an incredible writer and has a beautiful journey of life and faith to share.  We started a short correspondence and I hop over to her site every once and awhile.  It has become more frequent that I visit.  I love to sit there and read.  Tonight I hopped over there as my computer was dying to see recent posts.  And staring back at me was a title that immediately sucked me in.
I grabbed the computer cord and sat and read.  I am a quick reader and I couldn't soak it up fast enough.  Before I finished I knew that I wanted to share it.
In a way I knew what it was going to say.  At the same time it was if an older sister was sitting there sharing her experiences. 
I haven’t let on about it here, but I am surrounded by engaged people.  I am excited for them, but it’s a little overwhelming.  It’s a season of life, and I don’t know when it will end.  During the course of today day I have talked about; bridesmaid dresses (3x), wedding dresses, wedding invitations and addresses (2x), bridal showers (4x) and miscellaneous other things. 
Weddings are wonderful, but I am enjoying this season. 
I love the place where God has me. 
I am me and there is a choice for the future.  And the first choice is to follow God’s plan.
This is not a sponsored post, a mearly love what Stephanie shared

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Heart Day!

Today is a wonderful day to take the time and think about how I can be thankful and how to pass along a little extra love.  While this isn't my favorite day of the year, I am loving the perspective I have.  This morning has already started off with heart shaped cinnamon rolls, a dance party, chocolate, making a PB&J heart shapped sandwich for lunch, and conversation hearts.  I feel like I've reverted back to childhood.
I hope your day is filled with laughter and love!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Ok I know that Valentine's Day is so close but really I like these celebrations better.  And to me they represent love to me.
Way back when... (2009)
My dad is like me.  Rather I am like my dad.   One of the things that gets to him is that though he likes feeling special, he doesn't like being singled out and being the center of attention.  As he put it on the phone yesterday, he doesn't like being treated more special than others.
Thanks for being special to me and passing traits on to me that make it obvious that I am your daughter.  I have learned so much from you and can't wait to learn more.
Happy {belated} Birthday Daddy!
PS I've read through this at least 3 times. Daddy, I am sorry if I missed any mistakes. I know you catch all of them.
And the other celebration that I think needs mentioning is the fact that my parents have been married 25 years. 
Happy Anniversary!
They are a great example to me and shown me what I am looking for.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Isolated {the film}

On Wednesday I went on a mini road trip down to Santa Barbara.  We {brother, cousin, roommate, and friend} zipped down, did dinner and a movie, hit up an after party and then zipped back.  My cousin Geoff is a movie producer and we went to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival to see his film, Isolated.  This film is one that he’s been working on for about 5 years.  It was so exciting to be able to watch the finished product and know how hard he had worked on it.
The premise of the movie is a surf documentary, but the pro surfers end up discovering that they have been placed in a position to share the story and voice of a people.  How thankful I am that we have the freedom of speech in the United States.  I am not going to debate or argue with someone who questions what having the freedom of speech entails.  I will say that I am incredible blessed to not live in fear of what I might say my put me to death.  It’s a hard thing to think about.
I don’t know what the next avenue for this film is, but if you get the chance I would highly recommend it.  Check out the website for more information about the film and to learn more about giving a voice to the people of West Papua. Please consider “taking action” and becoming an Ambassador for Peace.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Reason to Dance {Pep Talk}

A sweet woman posted this on her blog today for a little extra encouragement.  Kara has been fighting cancer and she is sharing her journey on her blog and helping to share others' stories as well.  It made me smile and reminds us " you were made to be awesome" and that there is "a reason to dance."

Elfin Forest Adventure

When I was Italy I had 4 months to do everything…and I didn’t know what I wanted to do until I was there, in it all.  And now I have 5 months of college left…and in some ways I deny the fact that there is such a short timeline.  5 months.  That’s it.  Done. I’ve started making a list of things I want to do while I’m in this place and this community.  Some of them I’ve done before want to do more often, and others it will be the first time.  On that list was going to the Elfin Forest.  Not the Elf forest, but the Elfin forest because there was some confusion.
My friends Katie and Alison and I went on a Saturday afternoon adventure.  We went and got Costco samples as treats, then hit up the coffee shop for some warm beverages {otherwise known as hand warmers} before heading to the beautiful town of Los Osos.

The Elfin forest, not what any of us expected.  But it was beautiful and we took pretty pictures.  We watched the sunset and talked like girls do.  We laughed and looked at Morro Rock.  We saw the low {too low} tied of the marsh lands.  And we breathed the fresh air.  It was marvelous and one thing off the do list. 
Yay for Saturday adventures…and many more to come!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Music Makes Me Happy

You know what I love, that I have had a song stuck in my head.  I make sure to have it come on whenever I get in the car this week.  The voice is rich and the lyrics are strung to a melody that lets me sing my heart out.  For a few minutes it’s just me singing…to my car.  And I have learned that it doesn’t matter if the neighbor is walking past me, or if the guy in his giant truck laughs at me, or if the little old lady looks at me quizzically.  I am using my voice in a sweet way.
I have a fun fact about me; I sing in the car, when I’m alone, and especially on car trips.  It keeps me awake, focused, and makes the miles go faster.  This last car trip that happened just a few days ago was a flashback through my life in music.  I put the ipod on shuffle and sung.  There were 90’s worship songs, boy band sagas of elementary school, some 80’s hits, and then some indie, even some instrumental to round out the mix.  It was eclectic.  Life is eclectic. 
I have been thinking about what it means to have variety in life and this is one of the ways that I see it so clearly.  Music is a memory maker for me.  Certain songs are associated with certain events.  Music speaks to me and I learned a long time ago that it is a language. 
If you’ve been around here you would know that I am not a language person in the fact that I don’t pick them up easily.  But I feel languages.  They ring in the depths of my heart and my ears perk up when I hear an unfamiliar tone.  Music is a language to me.  I feel it, I can move to it, I can even speak it…but I am not fluent.  I can’t read or write it, but it speaks to me and I speak back.
Do you speak music?  Or language?  Or maybe you speak art?  Maybe you speak math or chemistry?
What do you speak and have you truly spoken it from the depths of your soul lately?

This is the artist I am loving and one of my favorites by her