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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter in Europe

To be honest I haven't stopped. And to be honest I didn't take very many picture during our trip. Don't worry, my family took lots of pictures, we've just had some storage issues we've been working out. I let myself {forced myself} to just take it all in. To experience. To live it.
Don't worry, my family took lots of pictures, we've just had some storage issues we've been working out. There will be pictures.
I've been looking at the pictures of the snowstorm on the east coast and for the first time I have the strangest feeling. I'm a California girl, born and raised. I've been to the snow, but I've never lived in the snow. After this trip I feel like I would be ok. Not always happy, not always making the correct winter choice, but I would be ok. 

I feel so bad because people have asked me, how was your trip? and my reply, "It was good, really cold, but good.
What kind of answer is that?! 
Yes it was both of those things, but really it was so much more.  I could use way more colorful and descriptive adjectives to describe my adventure in Germany in winter.

So my trip, our adventure, was wonderfully delightful and made up of everyday moments that families find themselves in when they travel. We just happened to be in places where we didn't speak the language, no big.
There were train schedules and running to platforms while it was snowing. There were new friends and new customs. There were many cups of coffee and hot chocolate in cafes and rented houses. There was fondue without the proper pot. There was listening to famous concert pieces while sitting on museum steps. There was the trying of new beer.
There were memories made.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Back...and Letting the Secret Out

If you haven’t already guessed or figured it out, I was in Europe for Christmas. Germany to be precise.  The whole family went to see my brother who is studying in Munich for the German semester.  We are starting a trend for our sisters… we hope!
We started by landing in Switzerland and it was off to Munich where we stayed for a few days. We made a day trip to Nuremburg too. After that we headed to Rothenberg, a medieval walled city. And finally we ended our time in Prague and rang in the New Year. Happy 2015!
If you think we are crazy, we think so too!
If you are wondering how we did it, email or comment away. I hope to provide some back story and some of the adventures here. Maybe you can keep me accountable?!