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Friday, June 20, 2014

Talking {Coffee} Shop

We all know my love of coffee shops.  Here is a few things happening in and around the coffee shop before I head of to work...

Hearing Conversations About:
The free cup of coffee when buying  a bag of beans and the amount of people who don't redeem it
An older woman who doesn't have her usual seat, "It's such a busy morning..."
A group from the company down the street on the different type of men's v-neck t-shirts
"I don't remember what I did last week, soccer?  Yes, it was soccer non-stop..."
Camp Galileo and the cool {overwhelmingly so} science projects
Cranberry scones and "Are you allergic to almonds?"
House blend, they have to brew a new pot
Pinching children's cheeks, they are just so dang adorable!
Business deals
Weekend plans

Empty cups
Red walls
Breakfast scattered tables
Business clothes
Casual clothes
Bright bags
Pouring liquids
Specially brewed coffee
Brown coffee bags

It is a busy day!  Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fire Burning

photo credit Jenni Bergeron
I want you to burn my bridges down//Set me on fire
-One Republic
Feeling like I need a jumpstart these days.  I am waiting, but for what?  I am stockpiling in anticipation, but for what?  I’m praying that my bridges of fear and failing get burned down.  Maybe those bridges can also include the brain blocks, lack of motivation, and busy lifestyle?  One can hope! 
As I did my work today I was searching for beauty.  I was looking for a way to release some creativity.  I don’t know what that creativity looks like right now, but I’m waiting.
Looking for the fire that will set things in motion… {like my large amount of blog posts in draft form}

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Challenges of Growing

Potted vintage tea tins.
I planted a few things a few weeks ago.  I was preparing to do an Instagram post and get all artsy.  There was all this prep for real life.  It was slightly absurd.  And I decided to just dig in.  Literally.  I decided that it was ok to be messy.  My fingernails had dirt under them for days.  I washed them many times, to the point of needing lotion after every wash.  Frankly, an unnatural thing for me. 
I dug in, to the messy side of life.  Once I made the decision I was gleeful.  It was exhilarating.  I dug and planted, patted, and watered with abandon.
Some of the seeds will come up.  They are finally coming up.  It’s just 2, but it’s a blessing.  I am so thankful for the rain, so I wouldn’t forget to water these fragile biological lives.  But some of the seeds won’t come up.  They were doomed from the beginning.  They were never going to be, no matter how carefully handled.
See, there are two things I take away from this.  There will be dreams, no matter how big {these are bulbs we’re talking about} that are not going to happen.  They were an idea, which was not firmly rooted.  They were doomed from the beginning.  But that does not mean that they never should have been planted, nurtured, and hoped for.  Most of all hoped for.
The same goes for the messy side of life.  There are arguments that we can dig for just the right information, argument, rebuttal.  But the thing is, were not going to win it.  Not that battle.  And that is ok.  We can not win them all.  We can not always be right, we can not always have beautiful flowers without the dirt beneath our finger nails.  For if we did not enter into the messy, we would not fully understand the challenge of growing.
I hope for those seedlings and bulbs to grow.  I want to see the dirt give way to beautiful life.  I want the reminder that beautiful things come out of the messy, hard, challenges.
The challenges are what make life a beautiful adventure.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Worlds Collide

I love seeing people become friends and connect.  I love the stories of how people met, or know each other.  One of my best friends and I love to tell the story of our first meeting.  We even fight about it and cut in on each other like an old married couple.  It’s great fun!
Lately I’ve found my connections are varied, wide, and cross over.   Part of it, but not all of it, is the fact that I grew up and lived in the same neighborhood for my whole life.  And I don’t live in a small town.
I should also note that I went to public school, but not my neighborhood {two blocks out my front door} high school.  This means my circles were broadened.  I also went to a big university, ok moderately big, but lots of room for meeting people.
Last week, I went to a meeting of college and post college people, and my worlds collided in one room.  There were people from my high school, people that I knew when they were 7, and people I met last weekend.  There were people I’ve known for most of my life, people I’ve known for a few months and people I’ve known for a few weeks.  And it was crazy because some of them knew each other.   Even last night I got asked by a friend that was there that night, ‘How do you know so-and-so?’
The reasons we know each other are crazy.  It can by choice or circumstance.  It can grow or can trickle off.  It takes work to keep up contact, yet sometimes people collide.  And when we collide we cross over, above, and underneath each other.  We create a web.  We become intertwined.  Our stories although our own, become a part of another’s through connection and relationship.
Even when you know no one in a place, there is a connection.  Someone you know, knows someone or something about that place.  Somewhere there is a connection.  And believe me you can find it.  But it takes listening, it takes sharing, and sometimes it takes lots of questions over a long period of time.  I promise you, you have connection.  We were meant to build relationships and relationships {most of them} are built out of connections.  Isn’t it crazy wonderful how they shape our stories!
How are your worlds colliding?  How do you know so-and-so?  Was yours a chance meeting or a deliberate collision?  What’s your craziest world collision story?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Punching Fear in the Face

Those chessy inspirational sayings, I find them annoying. 
I mean look at one. 
The first time it might be awesome and pleasing to the eye. 
The second time it’s cute, a good reminder. 
The third time its lame. 
And well after that I think I get more out of them because it’s so annoying. 
dance in the rain!  don't wait for the perfect moment, make the moment perfect.  life lessons and quotes.  advice.  wisdom.
But today I appreciate them.  Most of them are true my station in life today, yesterday, and the day before that. 
And here is why…
Opportunities, the ones I’ve been waiting for, praying for, hoping would become. 
They became.  All at once.
The other day, amidst the decisions, I almost took one by saying “I am so fearful of the unknowns of that particular one.  I want to take it, just to punch fear in the face.”  But I’m really glad that I didn’t, you know punch fear in the face, because I think fear can punch back pretty hard.  And let’s be honest, I don’t have a very good right hook.
My graduation cap said Adventure is out there.  And I believe that adventure is out there, because it’s in making the moments, monumental.  It’s in making the insignificant, important.  It’s not in making everything a big deal, but in realizing that certain things are of great importance.  Experiences shape.
I need to be reminded that life is an adventure, and I should live it as a great one.  And I need to be reminded that fears should not confine my thinking, but rather expand it.  When I am fearful, it is often because I created the boundaries and dictated the rules.  In an adventure, there are no rules. 
Rather than punching fear, I want to be freed of its companionship.  Fear does not belong as a part of my adventure.