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Monday, February 27, 2012

Learn By Doing

If you have ever been a student at, or known a student at Cal Poly you have probably heard this motto. You probably know that this motto is the base for every class taught. There must be something in the curriculum that teaches to this. It’s a wonderful {sometimes frustrating} philosophy.

Learn by Doing

Yes, you learn in the “classroom” how to do your major. It’s a wonderful opportunity. It means that biology students are required to take more hands on labs. Architecture students have endless amounts of studio time and often look as if they haven’t slept in days {which sadly, is true}. Liberal arts students are required to observe and to work in the classrooms of local elementary schools. Biomedical engineers not only take more labs but also take field trips into the area of study. Philosophy majors…now I don’t know what they do but that’s not the point. Business majors…Do you know what we do?
I’m in the midst of it so take your guesses. Next time I’ll let you in on how we down {I say this because our building is at the bottom of the hill or “bottom” of campus} in the business college “learn by doing”. Post your guesses in the comments section…

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beautiful a weekend

The end to this weekend was precious to me. My family came down for the Monday that we had off in honor of President’s day. We spent Sunday night with my SLO “family.” Every Sunday I go to dinner with a family here in town and so the whole family joined this time.
My sister spent the night at my house with lots of other girls. But lots of girls in the house, that is pretty standard these days.
The next morning the family came over and we went on a quick grocery run {yes, my parents took me food shopping!} and then made lunch before heading for a walk. We wanted to go for a hike, but we went on a trail that was not a hike. It was still very enjoyable. It was a beautiful day and we walked along the bluff.
After that we went on my campus and met up with some of my brother’s friends who are freshmen this year. I am so excited; my brother is going to be at Cal Poly with me next year!
We picked up my cousin from campus {college is a family affair…if you haven’t noticed} and headed to one of the favorite spots in town. As a tradition we at Firestone grill before they headed out of town. It was so fun to see them and was a much needed break for me.
It was so nice that even though I didn’t get any work done, even though I knew that this week was going to be a little rougher because of it, even though all I wanted to do was to get lost in the hugs and love {which I did for while}, I had complete peace. It was going to be ok. My perspective was on the here and now and not the what ifs or what could be. It was truly a delightful feeling.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time Out

It’s been a week. It’s been a wonderful and yet hectic week. There were times that I didn’t know how things were going to get done. And other times where I was just amazed by the things happening around me. There were some tears this week, but also lots of giggles and laughter. I live in a house full of girls, so the giggling should not be surprising.
This weekend I had the pleasure to go on a retreat with a bunch of college students. We talked about what it means to be childlike in our faith. Have you ever thought much about that? I hadn’t either. It was the first retreat in about 5 years where it didn’t rain. I was excited. And I met some great people.
This weekend I decided to actually make and show relationships as a priority in my life instead of just talking about it. It was neat to be able to create relationships through games and experiences. We played “Do you love your neighbor?” but we changed the rules so that you had to say something that was true about yourself. You learned who had things in common with you and those that you had more differences with. We broke a chair in the process, so that was a fun too…
The 2nd day we played kickball on the field. Guess how we chose our teams? By whether the person was wearing jeans or a different fabric for pants…we get creative.
After that we talked about going on a hike but we didn’t know if the trails had been cleared of poison oak. So instead we all piled in the back of a truck {with the shell on} and rode to the trail head for waterfalls. There are huge ditches for the 3 miles it takes to get back there. And they are filled with water. It was so fun! We all woke up the next day feeling a little achy. But we also made it to the waterfall.
That was just Friday through Sunday…and the rest of Sunday and Monday coming soon.
I hope you had a wonderful Presidents’ Day weekend! What did you do to ‘celebrate’?

I havent been a good picture taker...with my camera. Working on it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day!

We’ll it’s that time of year…Valentine’s Day! I prefer to think of it as showing a little love day.
Join me in spreading a lil’ love and flashing a smile today!
Happy hearts day!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Measuring Up

Growing up I was a kid that would get nervous before I went to the next grade. I remember particularly looking at the 3rd grade teachers’ rooms at open house. What was a book report? Multiplication and division, how was I going to learn those? And then there was cursive, what if I was really bad at it?
But I passed third grade, and fourth, and fifth, and all the way through high school. By the time I got to high school there was never doubt that I wouldn’t graduate. It was only the worry of how well I would do. And then there was the worry of getting into college. And I got into college and it was really hard. I felt like I didn’t measure up. I love to learn, but I don’t do well at tests. Sometimes it is because I didn’t study well, but most of the time it was just me not doing well. I’ve looked over the tips and I’ve taken learning tests to see how I retain information best. I feel like it hasn’t helped. I don’t remember specifics, I remember general. I can tell you the plot of the story, but not what happened on page 52.
Every year, at least once {if not very quarter} I go through what I refer to as the ‘mid year crisis’. I think of how in Italy they pronounce crisis like cry-see and it often sounds like ‘Christ’. And I love that when I am in this place I can be reminded that he gives me ‘a peace that passes all understanding’ {Philippians 4.6-7}. And in some versions it says passes all knowledge. He knows what is on my tests, and he has given me delight in learning, and he can give me good grades and a bright mind. I want to try and do my best; not for my own glory or my own need to live up to expectations. I want it to be for His glory. So when I do well, it is because he has allowed me to do so. And when I do poorly or don’t feel as if I measure up, he is there to show me that he has a reason and he is there.
I wrote this post on Wednesday, just as the stress of the last few weeks had started to subside. And I wanted to post it but I still had homework that needed to get done and meetings to attend. But God knew that I needed to take a break and so yesterday I had some bad stress pains. And I’m monitoring them closely. When I am in my weakest point I allow myself to learn what he has been trying to teach me and he shows me that I don’t have to measure up to him. That in Him I will always and forever measure up.
A little deep, but I’m writing what’s on my heart. It’s all a part of the adventure.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Spread the Love

I am so overly happy that someone is doing this in the blog world. You should check it out!

I am reminded to do things like this all the time. I am not posting this for recognition or fame {I know right?} but rather for the pure joy of knowing that someone feels a little extra love today.
Its midterm time around here and so just taking time out of the day to let someone know that they mean so much to you and that you love them goes a long way. I got to tell some friends this week that I am praying for them. And my roommate, I got to write her a sweet note. I did another roommate’s dishes. It made me reflect and be thankful for them.
We have this tradition in our house that you use whiteboard markers to write sweet notes on the mirror in the bathroom. Sometimes they are a verse, other times just a note to brighten a day, or say ‘I’m thinking of you’. But they are always positive!
How do you show someone that you love them?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Headphones {listening}

I am not a headphone wearer. I like enjoying others music and don’t like being unreachable. I hate when I talk to someone and then realize they didn’t hear a thing I said...because their headphones were in. I would rather get to enjoy the music throughout the room then blasting my music into my lone ears.
While I was studying the other day {and no, I shouldn’t even being blogging because it’s crazy being back, in the states, in college, with my life}. I felt like my headphones had to compete with the noise. I was in the non quiet part of the library. I don’t know why I thought the library would be a good place to study. Every time I would turn up the music to help me focus, the noise level of the library would rise. Me not liking headphones is rooted in the fact that they make my ears and head and jaw sore or hurt {especially in the case that I listen for more than 20 minutes}. Let’s just say the focus issue wasn’t being fixed or helped by trying to block out the noise. I ended up with wandering thoughts, lack of study focus and the beginnings of a headache.
I find that headphones distance me from others and have unwanted side effects {see above headaches and overall frustration}. I feel like my generation does not listen well. I see it in the class room and in broken relationships. I hear others talk about how they don’t know how to listen and hear God. And while those may seem unrelated, I see the correlation. If you can’t listen in a broken, human relationship, how are you going to listen in the most important relationship?
I love this song, but maybe it’s because it’s a comfort tool after distance has already happened. I believe that God speaks to us and we just have to listen and focus on him. He has a message for us. All the other noise will fall away if we are solely focused on him. Too bad the same thing doesn’t happen when we focus on homework or studying!