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Monday, March 28, 2016

New Topics, New Languages

I come up with new topics for this blog all the time. It used to be where I would write in my daydreams my blog post. And I would edit in my daydreams too. "Let's reword that," "What's a better way to say xyz?" And then I let go. I left this place, though I would always say..."yeah I have a blog that I haven't written in a while."During that time I stopped writing in my head. 

I think writing a post in your head or brainstorming another topic is like learning a foreign language. They say that you have truly mastered a language that you dream in that language. The first time I heard this I thought it was absolutely ridiculous. And I can't say I experienced it so therefore I believe it to be true. You don't master a language or truly build a passionate subject until you're whole being is invested, even your sleep. It's not when you have your first full conversation. It's not when you decide this would be a great idea.

It's when you are invested. 

This last year I have stubbled and failed at the art of discipline. My thought has been, let me discipline the tasks I need to do and the things that are best for my well being to then be able to free up my "other" time for slowing down. It sounds a little backwards, but some of the people I know that are the most like how I want to be have an art of discipline in their life. They workout every morning, they read their bible every morning, they plan nutrients into their diet, they create empty space to not be disciplined.And some of this requires simplification. All this to say that I'm back in a sense. I'm back to thinking of blog topics and soon I'll be writing posts in my daydreams. So I'm exploring what I want to be here. For awhile I might just write. No parameters and full of life thoughts.

I think we are allowed to give our self room and space to create and explore. Let's explore.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Travel Bug

I am completely and utterly under the influence of the travel bug. Any of my extra time is being put into projects outside of this blog. I'm anxious to be back here. I'm axioms to be writing again.

Quite a few things have happened since I last blogged. You know, big life things like moving, other people's engagements, weddings and babies. All this has equated to putting energy into other parts of my life and investing in others' lives, as well as being gone... a lot. {My coworkers joke about it and an old friend texted me last night saying, you've been busy a lot since you've moved, huh}

The other part of the puzzle is that I used to read blogs all the time. I still love reading them, but I've gone back to books. And I'm much more picky about who I follow and read. There are still the favorites that I go back to, but its not the same. Which is ok. People change, their blogs have morphed and so have I. We are not static beings and that's what makes this a natural part of life. 

The other part of all this is that I am in charge of the content for my company's blog. I make sure we are on track, I load it into Wordpress, and I now know enough html to be a little overwhelmed by what I wish this space looked like. And since I'm in it day in and day out, I don't really want to do it when I get home. The change is coming though, I want to be more creative and can do that in this space. 

Oh and don't even talk to me about elevating my voice and self promoting. I get to do that on behalf of my company often, which equates to everyday. While I am super thankful to have a job {praying about that last night and this morning} I do this for others and can't seem to do it for myself in the evening and during my recharge time.

But...Big News Again

I am not engaged, I am not married, and I am not growing a human. Now then. I seem to only announce exciting things here and I want to change that too. For now you need to know that I'm going back to Africa. Africa is a big continent and I get to go back to my first love, Liberia. I'm so excited. Unbelievably so. We leave the first week of April. It's coming soon.

I probably won't be talking about it much before then, but if you have questions let me know. And it's my hope that I can share some recaps here.  Here's to being under the influence of the travel bug!