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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Lately I’ve been reading The Ragamuffin Gospel and I love it.  It’s taking me awhile to get through it.  I started on my trip and have continued in little moments here and there.  I love books and reading.  By the time I finish this one I won’t remember what happened in the beginning and have to start all over again.  That is typical for me these days.
The other day I was reading a chapter and it talked about how God sees each of us.  And then it said something in a most profound, roundabout way. It was to the effect of; our hearts should break when we hear about the person in the car accident, the children dying of starvation in third world countries, and the ‘enemy’ our military is fighting.  When any one person dies, there are people that are affected.  There are family and friends, and even the person they passed each day, which are impacted.
I was thinking about the fact that each of us wants attention.  We want to be known and loved for who we are, and nothing else.  The amount of love songs and break up songs on the radio attests to this fact. And yet, we rarely grieve over the ‘enemy’ that dies in battle, the lost and searching souls.  We get wrapped up in our world and how it matters to us.  Each person, no matter what ethnic or theological background is a child and beloved of God.  The person that is different in every possible way from you was created by God to be just that…different.
Ok, now that I’ve totally made you think deep {and what is in my head probably didn’t come out the way I intended} let’s do a little life update.  I too want to be known and want to tell you about me. {I’m just being honest!}
I haven’t forgotten about the stories of my adventures In Western Europe.  To be honest I’ve barely looked at the pictures.  I am trying to settle back into life here in the States and picking up what I dropped in my wake. 
For those of you that don’t know, in the last couple of months I graduated from college, moved back home, am looking for a job, and trying to figure out what my community looks like for the time being. {Oh, and we should throw in the weddings that I’ve been in and attended.  There are some pretty special people that should get some blog time.}
To say that life is changing is an understatement. 
It’s beautiful, exciting, challenging and a bit overwhelming.
I’m being challenged to change my perspective and see my life now as a joyful journey of opportunities.  At least that is what I pray my attitude is becoming.
Join me in thinking outside your world, in maybe a way you haven’t before?  I cant wait to hear what you find

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