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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Coffee Shop thinking

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love coffee shops. 
And you know what I love is that there is a coffee like beverage that is a part of almost every culture.  Ok, so some cultures its tea.  But when I think about some of the best conversations I’ve had with complete strangers have been the ones that take place in a coffee shop, at a park, or while riding public transportation. 
These days I’m loving the coffee shop because it is a place to stop, sit, talk, and think.
I recently moved back to the bay area.  That would be due to graduating and going with the assumption that living at home is the best option right now.  It’s been a transition, and it will continue to be.
I’m back on the central coast for brief weekend trips this summer.  And as I sat in one of my favorite college coffee shops I was sitting enjoying the surroundings.  There are the most beautiful paintings up on the wall. 
This particular shop has revolving art displays.  Some I have enjoyed, but others aren’t my favorite.  This one, I moved seats just to be able to look up and see two specific pieces.  We all know that in Europe I was the art junkie that went to museums and learned about the history and the times.  I could walk around art shows most days.  {I also like the outdoors}  I’m feeling inspired to ride a bike and find a huge oak, thanks to these paintings.  I love that something indoors can move you to be outdoors. 
I encourage you to go sit in a coffee shop soon.  No agenda.  Simply taking it as it comes.

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