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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Conversations of Joy

I've been away for awhile.  Blogging could not be a priority.  And even in the midst of that, I was still writing.  My thoughts still poured out on a page.  Nothing bad happened, there was no catastrophe, I just wasn't posting.  There were things in life that were more important and those things took time and attention.
This was written awhile ago, but I can express these sediments today as well.  Happy Sunday!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!
How do we discover joy?  I think as others have said before me that joy is found in the little things, the things in which we stop and are thankful.  And if it true that we find joy in the things we are thankful for then I am thankful for conversations.  Conversations bring me joy; especially conversations that come from nowhere, in a coffee shop, in the park, on the bus.  They are of an introductory nature.  A catching up on life and the things that make it beautiful.   A way to see the world as a place where passion and discovery grows.  People know things.  They know what makes their world tick.  They know what makes them excited.  They know more than I will ever know.  And they can do more things than I will ever learn to do.
Oh life is beautiful.  Have a conversation and discover joy in relationship.

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