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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Going, going... I was gone

The other day I sat in the seat.  Took some deep breaths.  Looked out the window and imagined what it would be like.  And then we took off and began to fly.
I have come up with so many tag lines, titles, and introductions for this post.  None do it justice.
On July 30th I had the phone on one ear, my mom sitting next to me, and a computer screen on which there was a button that said something to the effect of "buy now."  Ready? {deep breath} One, two, three... {click}  And there was the anti climatic screen showing all the other boxes to fill in.  But then there it was.
I had just purchased a ticket for a Europe.  
The other end of the phone line sighed.  I sighed.  My bank account was a little emptier, but there was so much to look forward to.
On September 3rd I to up in the darkness from a fitful sleep.  We grabbed our bulging backpacks and went off to the airport.  There are so many thoughts that went through my mind in that hour long drive to the airport.  But most were of excitement and I can’t believe I’m doing this thoughts.  I wanted to tell everyone in the airport.  I don’t just do this, this is not like me, but I’m doing it.  Look!  See?  
I mean, it’s not like I haven’t ever purchased a ticket before or flown.  But when I do it’s always a little bit nerve-racking.  Here I was with all these important papers on me, a train ticket, a passport, boarding pass, and I was just going to go to Europe.  
There was money in the bank and well, money in my pocket.  I had a friend by my side.
Most people said, "Good for you.  A little post graduation trip?"
Yes, well, by definition.  But no, just a trip.  With a friend.  Just an adventure
So about 2 months ago I bought a ticket and then a month later I got on a plane, and 3 weeks later I came back, and now I'm telling you about it.
I don’t know what it looks like to share, but I do know that I went on adventure.  In every adventure, there is a story.  I went on a whim to write a different piece of my story and I had a fabulous time.

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