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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Days with Momma

It's spring break and yet I am going to have a mellow week. I am hoping that it is
productive. It doesn’t have to be a whirlwind, just get some things done. Live with a purpose.
Yesterday I got to spend the day with my mom. I think one of the things I love about being home is that my spring break doesn’t match up with my family’s. It’s a plus and minus situation {aren’t most situations that way?} I got to spend some time giving her input on the mission trip she’s helping to lead a team for. And then she went to tutor and I did some catch up work. And then we went and I got to help out at the local middle school selling lunch. She and Elizabeth do it every Monday. They make Mondays, Manners Mondays. Then all three of us went out to lunch and just had fun coming up with creative questions and ideas. There was a quick coffee break in there and then just hanging out with my momma. She made sure my sister had a ride home from
school. Again she tutored and then she went go to my brother’s volleyball game. She supports us so well.
I was and still am so blessed to be able to grow up with parents that invested in me daily. I love spending these days with my momma and that she got to be a stay-at-home mom. I love that she gets to not only be in the lives of her children but others’ children as well. I know when I was younger I wouldn’t get to do something so I would think to myself “When I have
kids I’m going to do …differently.” And now I don’t think I would.
Thanks Momma for investing in my life! I love you!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Winter Quarter Done

What a week. Finals
are done and it is spring break. It’s raining
and this morning it was hailing. It feels
odd to be done. I don’t have homework
due tomorrow. I don’t have a test next
week that I should be worrying about and start studying for…um, yesterday?
It’s done.
It’s out of my control.
And I’m letting go.
So here is recap of some highlights this week. It includes some things I’ve missed telling
you {those that read this}. I’ve missed
writing on this blog. I’ve been trying
to live in the moment. But I’m ready to
be back. I’m ready to share. So here we go…
Last Sunday Amazing Race aired the show that I got to see a
small taping of when I was in Torino, Italy.
And since I’ve had finals all week that is next on the list to watch. It’s my treat. I can’t wait to see my city again!
Pi day was the day I finished finals. So naturally I made apple pie. And I got gutsy and made a lattice top. It turned out and was yummy.
Thursday was dessert night with friends in Arroyo Grande. We had strawberry shortcake and it was
Thursday and Friday I worked most of the day. I am loving excel and mail mergers. And unfortunately I’m not kidding. Excel is magical…
And today is Saturday.
And I had a wonderful morning in a coffee shop. Just taking the time to let go and
unwind. I got to journal and let
go. Do you ever find that you think
things through when you write them? The feeling
is not describable. I let go of so many
things this morning. And there was a
cheesy metaphor of the rain coming down and washing it all away.
So I’m going to leave you with my long week. And I’m going to watch and see teams race in
my crazy beautiful city. Oh how I miss Italy…
Enjoy your weekend, rain or shine!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Learn By Doing {Part 2}

It’s been a long week, but as promised…

For business majors we have a number of things that we do to
practice learn by doing. We do what are
called case studies. They are usually
written by the Harvard Business Review or a professor. A professor uses situations from their
experience. All the cases set the stage of
the problem, and then go through all the problems and then we have to fix the
problem. We talk about the ways it could
have been done and then what the company actually did. One of my friends that works in HR told me
this week that case studies are real life problems in the business world. I guess we are doing something right.

The other thing we do…group projects. And lots of them. I’m drowning in group projects. Can anyone relate? I am a pro a group projects. Not to worry, I have good group members this
quarter. My friends joke about my group
projects, and the fact that I’m a hard worker.
But really everyone is pulling their weight this time around. And guess what? We have a class that we have to learn how to
be effective in groups {well plus other stuff}.
So there you have it.
To be a good business major, know how to analyze problems and be able to
work in groups. Yes, there’s more to it…but
that’s the basics! :)