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Thursday, May 16, 2013

If I had One Wish...

If I had one wish to make, this is the wish I would choose, I’d want an old straw hat, a pair overalls, and a worn out pair of shoes…

Ok, so we can nix the shoes and just go barefoot.

This is the song sung by sweet Shirley Temple in the movie Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. I’m a big Shirley Temple fan, and yes I even dressed up as her for Halloween one year. I have a habit of dressing up like historical figures or in historical costumes for Halloween. {A different story for a different time.}

I sing this song in my head, it's a great tune to whistle, and I forget all the other words.
If I had one wish…

I’m not much of a wisher. I mean I say the phrase like most people do, but I don’t put my hope in wishes. I put my hope in other things. I would say that I am a dreamer and I love to use my imagination, but I don’t put my hope in my dreams.

These days I’m looking for simple. When I left the house I forgot something, went all the way home to go get it, only to leave yet another important object for my day at home. Flustered. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. These characterize my life at this point.

I long for summer nights of starry skies and fire pits. I long for vegetable gardens and backyard bbqs. I long for berry picking and jamming. I long for Italy and using olive oil for everything. I long for the smell of sweet honey and the sound of people laughing in good company.

A friend of mine and I went off in a frenzy as we gushed over the simple life, gardens and fresh produce, coffee, and dreams. I couldn’t be logical when my head was spinning and my mind racing, to these big plans of simple.

This last year I entered into the knowledge of the people that grow the foods I eat, that milk the cows, and produce the butter I delight in.  Today I walked through the crops unit and saw the calves at the dairy.  Longing for simple life.

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