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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Table

I love kitchen tables, dining room tables, side tables.  Tables represent food and gathering to me.  They represent a display of life.
When we come to the table for dinner we are normal, ordinary.  Actually most people don’t sit at a dining table to eat their dinner.  I know that I’m guilty of this as well. I eat on the couch or in my room when others are using the common area.  Sometimes I eat sanding up around the kitchen or on the stool in the corner.  I don’t take the time to come sit.  To rest.  To process.  To build that community.

I wonder but also believe that Jesus used the table as a place that was ordinary and simple because it would be remembered.  It is a task that we must do every day; we must eat and drink.  It is a simple and sustaining meal; bread and drink.

I think of that night when Jesus came to table...
There were no decorations
No table cloth
No candlesticks or plates
No centerpieces
No place cards
Heck, who knows if there was even a table
Just wine, a cup, and bread. 

And people.  People that were very much loved.

Hands breaking bread make up the table.
People in conversation make up the table.

Like I said, life is centered around the table; through our conversation, through our nourishment.

These are two videos, one a business plan about using what Jesus started to be a community and the other a song.


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