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Friday, June 29, 2012

Love Does {the Book}

I love people.  And I love God.  And if you like either of those things even a little bit, then you should read this book.  I’m being serious.  I heard about it exactly two weeks ago and I read my brother’s copy {thanks bud} and want to read it again.  Just for kicks. 
I love people a lot.  And I love seeing how God changes hearts and then transforms lives.  I love hearing other people’s stories {hence the blog world}.  And I like to read.
Those things are wrapped up altogether in Love Does.  This book is an easy read, and it uses the word “whimsy” which is just perfect.  The chapters are short, so don’t worry if life is busy I promise you can fit a read in.  It’s a mix of stories that make you laugh out loud in public places and others that make you think deeply.  And there’s a range of topics {yes, even BB guns make the cut} that all come back to God’s love and loving people.  Because love does.
I have to say it has put a radical spin on my imagination.  I’m dreaming again; big dreams.  I’m dreaming impossible{s} and I am so excited to see how God changes those and if he makes them realities! 
What are some big impossible{s} that you are daring to dream?  Are you willing to share them?  And willing to hope that they might become realities?

These are my own personal opinions that I shared with all of you because I liked this book and I think it’s worth a read.  No endorsement.

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