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Friday, July 6, 2012

Random Sillies

Since I haven't posted all week I figured it would be good to go into the weekend with a little bit of fun.  I have plenty of posts written, but they need a little bit editing and hopefully some pictures.  Next week should have a better track record.
Now serving some randoms and sillies....

I have an office chair because I sit at a desk {obvious, I know but we had to clear that up}.  Said office chair is a mystery to me.  It barely slides under the desk, and even being the smart highly capable person that I am I have yet to figure out how to lower it.  It makes me question calling myself smart and highly capable.

It should be noted that I love to write letters, good old fashioned pen to paper and snail mail letters.  Somehow I can't seem to get them in the mail.  I was so excited last week when I wrote, addressed, stamped and mailed a reply letter the very next day.  Its the little thing sin life right?

I was searching for something in my email inbox the other day and found emails from jr.high.  wow.  what a great time in life.  when I was going through jr.high, I knew that it would be silly looking back on it.  I am so glad that I had that forethought, but I don't think it changed much of what I said or did!  I am so glad I can laugh at the silliness.

Lately I've been noticing people's laughs.  I love a good laugh and when people are genuinely joyful, so full of glee.   I got the treat of meeting some new friends this week.  We had a great time bonding over some good laughs.  Bring on the silliness! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of laughs and fun sillies! 
Feel free to share a silly from this week in the comments section

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