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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Child's Play

Last week was full with kids. 

 I was little on overload by Sunday afternoon.
 I love kids, but I had not been around that many, of that age, for that long in a while.  Our church put on sports camp which is a sport filled VBS.  Kids are put on teams according to the sport they chose; cheerleading, soccer, or basketball.  I will be honest and say I don’t play basketball.  So the last two years I’ve been a substitute coach for soccer or cheer.  It is so very fun to love on kids {and then you get to send them home to their parentsJ}

I got to hang out with sweet Maddie during the day and then lots of elementary kids at sports camp and then 4 toddlers on Monday.  Tuesday Maddie and I hung out some more.  Later it was off to coaching a cheer team of five girls all going into kindergarten and first grade.  They were the youngest cheer team and the five year old needed undivided attention.  Wednesday was the youngest soccer team of rowdy boys.  Oh how I love first graders and the things they say!  Thursday I was back with the littles {toddlers}, although there was only one for me to give my full and undivided attention to.  On Friday it was back to the cheer squad and the adorable five year old. Sunday morning I was with the preschoolers for Sunday school.  Such a fun age, but tiring. 

It has been so nice to love on kids.  I didn’t know how much I’d missed little hands,
eyes full of wonder,
smiles of discover,
and a warm body in my lap. 

What have you been missing that you’d like back in your life?

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