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Friday, June 15, 2012

Getting Organized

Source: via Haleigh on Pinterest

I’ve been getting organized.  But don’t look too closely.  You see, I organize for me.  Not for other people to be able to find it.  And then there is the fact that before it gets better, it has to get worse.  Unfortunately, many of the things that I want to get organized are going to be a full blown explosion before they look nice, neat, and tidy. 
Welcome to my world, the explosion. 
When I was young I would not get rid of anything.  Everything had sentimental value and I wanted to remember everything.  My pile or pail full of stuff {because let’s be honest that’s really what it was} I considered neat.  “It was all in one place!” I would contest.
The wonderful thing is that people change.  Tidy takes on a whole new meaning when you are responsible for all your things and when you move all your earthly belongings every year.  Organized grows into its meaning when you realize that you can’t take everything with you.  It’s a good thing people change.
Sorry, you don’t get to see my still yet unpacked mess.  But someday it will be all nice and neat.   And then maybe I’ll show you.  But for now it is using the purging and organizing in hopes of making more changes.

Source: via Haleigh on Pinterest

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