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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Like Family

Do you have those friends that are like family?  I have a few friends that come to mind, but one family in particular.  When we were young we all looked alike too, so other people would always ask us about our ‘siblings’!  We were always making up stories, dressing up, romping in the yard, or jumping in the pool.   
Megan and I have been friends since I was born…literally.  She came to the hospital when I was born, and it was friendship at first sight.  Sort of, I mean neither one of us really remember it.  We only know because we have the picture to prove it.  People always are shocked when they realize that we have been friends for that long.  We now go to the same University and we were brave enough to live together last year.  They always tell you it’s dangerous to live with your good friends, but we’ve enjoyed it. 
Because we are practically sisters, it seemed only natural to spend father’s day with her family.  We grilled lamb chops and had fresh fruit and veggies.  And for dessert the berries from the other day made their appearance.  Yum! 
And we worked it all off with some ping-pong and spike ball.  Spike ball has become a game that is the new activity around San Luis Obispo.  {It’s an edited version of volleyball and it fits in a drawstring backpack.}

I love spending time with this family and I am so glad that we got to celebrate our dads together.  What do you do to celebrate Father’s day?  Do you have any friends that you call family?

{Friends are the family you pick yourself}

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