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Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap {Saluzzo}

This weekend consisted of: history lessons, discussions, trying to understand Italian, eating Piedmonte style, amazing views, flexibility, churches, and staying with a very lovable family

I actually did quite the little tour of the area around Saluzzo, a little town situated at the base of the Alps. I went on a train to Saluzzo and then drove to a farm in Revello. On Saturday afternoon I drove through Pra Piglerio and then on Sunday I spent a few hours in Cuneo. The farmhouse I stayed at has been renovated in the last 10 years and is lived in by one of my professors and his family. A few generations ago his family bought the property with a farmhouse built in the 1700s and rented the land out for farming. And then a few years ago he started converting the stables attached to the house into livable rooms. There is a rock quarry that his father runs right next to the farm. The first morning I woke up hearing little voices downstairs and then a rooster. This family has a rooster! It was so nice to be in the country and I feel like I experienced true Italian culture. We ate Piedmonte style, which means good meat and cheese. It’s a northern thing. And I had raw meat…again.

In typical Italian fashion I was asked to stay until Monday {today} instead of figuring out logistics for coming back Sunday. I feel like I am still processing the whole weekend, so hopefully in the next few days I can organize my thoughts. Bear with me?

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  1. roosters and small children,huh? looks fabulous!


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