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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finish Well

Tomorrow is the day of exodus…well that’s what my nickname is for the 21st of December. Here in the land of study abroad students it is the day that most are getting on a plane and heading back to the States. I would be too, but to break the big news…I changed my flight. So I’m not leaving with the masses.
I just finished up school here in Italy. That’s right, that thing that I was coming here to do. It’s done. Over. Finished. The last paper turned in and the last tests taken. To be honest it means that I am exhausted from studying, my brain feels fried and I don’t really know what to do with myself.
I want to share a little more about this weekend before I forget…
Saturday was a day in Milan. Well for a few hours at least! We went and saw the duomo (the big cathedral). We ended up just walking through Milan and enjoying a different city. Milan is livable. It’s almost American-like which was odd for me. And the people! They are everywhere! I think I am now prepared for New York City.

Leonardo Da Vinci walking to the Duomo

I people watched. This cute kids was chasing pigeons.

I was waiting for the other girls at one point and went looking for a bathroom. I walked into the Burger King {yes they have fast food restaurants here…so odd for me!} and hit a wall of people. Then I had to walk down 3 flights of stairs. Yes down into the basement. The line was so long for the busy bathroom. There was a man that was there trying to clean the bathroom so he literally stood there and cleaned when space became available. And then I had to finds my way out! Who knew that finding a restroom could be so complicated?

We saw the castle in Milan, which was bigger than I was expecting. It was really funny because when you think of Milan it is usually because it is a fashion icon of the world, not for its medieval castle!

the arch out the back

There was a Christmas market going on at the train station. It was fun to walk and see what everyone was selling. Christmas markets while they sell items often sell food of the season as well. This one had an abundance of food items and not so many gift items.
We headed back to Torino and not too long after that I went to a potluck dinner at a friend’s place. Picture taking, foods of all origins were eaten, and good byes were avoided. Saturday was the day of student good byes, there was big get together at a club downtown. I went and hung out with friends and more pictures and avoiding goodbyes ensued.

the dinner group photo

Sunday I went to my last church service in Torino. It was such a joy! I spent time meeting new people and saying goodbye to new/old friends. I pray that I can come back and enjoy this community. I have some new friends that I can’t wait to write to and share life with. I walked away {2 hours after I thought I would leave!} feeling refreshed and so thankful!
I then headed to the local pub to watch the calico {soccer} game! We won!!! I didn’t realize how much I miss watching sports, and yes, I love watching soccer. Then it was time to do some studying, so my friend Vickie and I found a cafĂ© that was extremely expensive {we were in classy part of town though…} and we studied away.
For dinner Robyn and I headed across the street to a pizzeria that is so yummy! We had delicious pizzas. I got the same pizza as I got the last time that we were there. There is just something about Italian ricotta on pizza!

those snow covered tops are the Alps!

There you have my last weekend in Torino. I was a little busy, could you tell?
This experience has been so truly unique. There are new discoveries around every corner {and on every bus as I found out Saturday night!} I can’t wait to share the rest of my adventures with you!

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