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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I have a list of things to do in Torino, before I leave Torino. Yesterday I killed two birds with one stone, so to say. There is a café that always looks so nice around the corner from where I live. They have a case full of pastries and it reminds me of the Victorian Ice cream parlor at Disneyland.
The reason I haven’t gone before is that they have the most interesting hours. I cannot seem to figure them out! I go when I think they should be open, and they are closed. When I go by a week later, at the same time, they are open. I can’t find the pattern, but someone must know it! It is Italia, so there may be no method to the madness!

On the list was to:
~eat a cannoli while in Italia: shameful that I have not done this yet, I know! But now I have. They were small, but they were cannoli!
~order something at this café. Something. Anything. No matter the cost. I did.

There are no pictures of me, because I went hoping that they might be open so no one came with me. Every time I plan to go with someone it’s closed. If you want to use your imagination I was wearing my red coat that is very famous here on the blog, and had really shiny hair {which was odd} pulled into a pony tail.
I did well in my Italian, as in I didn’t speak any English while there {mostly because there was no one to speak English to}. I ordered my pastries and a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate would form a layer that was half a centimeter thick between spoonfuls. This was non drinkable hot chocolate! The cannoli is filled with sweet crème, and it was a perfect balance to burning my tongue on the chocolate!
While I stood and enjoyed my snack I reflected on Torino. I’m going to miss this place. I’m committing to taking one day at a time and enjoying all the wonderful things I get to experience here.

What is your favorite cold weather sweet treat?

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  1. confession. I have never had a canoli, but have always wanted to try one! haha They look so amazing!


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