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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Making it an Adventure

Sometimes even going out for lunch can be an adventure and that was what happened yesterday. I went out to lunch with my friend Vickie and immediately I declared we were going to have an adventure. Life is an adventure, so might as well call it what it is. It was also an adventure for these reasons
a) We were taking public transportation {the only transportation other transportation we can afford other than our lovely feet} Let just say you never know what’s going to happen when you step on the bus or metro.
b) I had been to this place before, but when you are going somewhere as a destination, even if its not the first time something is bound to happen
c) There are people in this world and walking the streets. People are different and make life interesting. Interesting usually translates to an adventure in my experience.

I went to this little place with my parents and a Torino friend. She highly recommended it and I have wanted to go back. This place makes the “before I leave” list. It is run by a couple that is Sardinian and German and they serve Sardinian dishes. {Sardinia is an island in the south of Italy, so you don’t have to look it up!}
So Vickie was a few minutes late. I saw the bus go by and knew another one would come by in 20 min. We made it onto bus number 2! We didn’t have to change buses; I had been to that side of town, {though not much} we were good to go…err yea, I messed up. We got off too early. But it was a nice day so we went for a walk along the river {gorgeous}. We reminisced about time in Italy. We talked about going home and what that would be like. I think we needed that time, so I didn’t feel bad.

I forgot, we saw this on our walk

I think they were doing repares

but it looks like they were repelling

for fun

look closely, very closely We arrived at the place and got a table for two. We stared at the menu. Yes, in fact stared. We usually can get by and figure out what things are. This was a handwritten menu which adds a nice touch {but makes it oh so hard to read}. Vickie who knows more Italian didn’t know what it said, and I was counting on her!

Then in walked a sweet Italian woman and after talking with the owner’s wife came and said she spoke English and talked to us a bit. She was so excited to learn we were from California and that I know the area where her nieces live. She explained the menu to us and this serving plate on the wall. It’s made of cork and is typical Sardinian. They use it to serve the pig after they have roasted it over a fire.

We ordered a pasta to share and then eat got a meat dish. We ended up getting the same thing and it was a Sardinian specialty. The pasta had ricotta from Sardinia, so it was shredded. And the meat was pork with roasted herb potatoes. It was so delicious. I cannot describe. We had thought about getting something sweet at the end but were both so full.

Some of my friend's art displayed Finding our way home proved to be more of an adventure. We took the correct bus and visualized which side of the street we needed to be on to go the correct direction. Why do buses have to turn? That proved to be the problem. We got on the correct numbered bus and promptly realized that the bus turned…the wrong direction. So we got off. But the stop across the street that we half ran to did not prove to be a stop for our number. So the bus passed us and we decided a detour was in order.
So it being a nice day, we walked into the downtown area and took our trusty bus that we knew would take us the same spot, no complications. We know the direction and sides of the street for this bus like locals. And we both arrived home, safe, and no worse for wear.

on our walk, the River Po Needless to say I enjoyed my day, my lunch, and detours. Every day is an adventure!

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  1. Yeah- you made it back to Ray's!! Did he remember you (us)? Did you stop at the studio? They moved the art work around. Sounds like a delicious meal- as expected :)


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