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Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am sorry that I haven’t written much these days. So much is happening, and at such a fast pace. I have been trying to live in the moment. It’s been hard. I’m tired. Tired from the stress of finals and studying, tired from staying up to late enjoying the people here and tired from saying goodbye. I have friends that are in the states at home with their families right now. As amazing as that is, I haven’t realized that they are gone yet. I was supposed to be with them. I’m not regretting my decision to stay; I just am having a hard time internalizing the change. There have been a lot of goodbyes.
On a lighter note, yesterday I got to spend time downtown with my friends Rossella and Giulia. They are two of the Italian girls I met here to practice language with. We even ran into another Italian friend Martina. We went window shopping and grabbed coffee at Busters {the Starbucks of Torino}. It was so fun to laugh with them. Rossella is preparing me for the teasing of my brother at home. She makes fun of half the things I say! {But secretly I love it!}

After hanging out with them {and saying goodbye…still haven’t realized I won’t see their smiling faces} I got to celebrate my friend Seowon’s birthday. We made a “leftovers” dinner since we are cleaning out the fridge. I can’t wait to make the risotto we had. And I’ll think of my sweet friends when I do. We sang in 2 different languages and even tried to have a lesson in saying “happy birthday” in Korean. Don’t ask me how to say it, I’ve forgotten and totally butchered it when trying.

So it’s been a little bit of a down last couple of days. Lots of change, and change isn’t my favorite.
So now it’s packing and cleaning time…

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