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Monday, December 19, 2011


…That time has flown by so fast.
…That so much has happened in the last few days.
…That finals are this week, and so is the packing and cleaning and goodbyes.

This was my last weekend in Torino and it was go, go, go. You all found out about the mis-adventures of Italian style on Friday. That night was such a great way to start off the weekend. Since the buss and metro weren’t running Robyn and I walked. We walked downtown which took us an hour. Oh and when we left it started sprinkling. I have to say it was so fun to walk in the falling water that reflected in the car lights and the Christmas lights.
We arrived at the church that I’ve been attending, for dinner with some new friends. We had some funny, entertaining and somewhat awkward Italian conversations with the guys while we waited for our last friend. My friend Luigi asked “do you speak Italian? Do you speak dialect? No? Well, those are all I know. I don’t know English!”
As a typical Italian meal, we had pizzas. Mine was large and I have no idea how I finished it. But it was delicious.
During the meal we talked, conversed {mostly in Italian, which means I didn’t say much} and laughed. We went around the table and did highs and lows of the week. In Italian it is called “bello e bruto” or the beautiful and the ugly. I may change my phrasing when I’m back in the US, watch out! One of my friends remarked that his “bruto” was that he is taking a swimming class and his time was too fast. I did swim team in high school for a year so we talked about that. And then, he asked me about the stroke. I know the mechanics of freestyle and watched as my coach taught us tricks {thanks Gordy}. You should have seen us. I had to stand up so I wouldn’t knock anything on the table over and we went over the technicalities.
I am happy to report that he went and timed yesterday and he got under the correct time! {I guess I did know what I was talking about!}

My view at coffee house...hence the lack of pictures After our dinner we walked back to the church and went to “coffee house”. It’s a concert put on once a month with bands of every genre. It’s a time of socializing and music. It was so fun! Half the music was Italian songs and half were in English.
A perfect Friday night of friends, food and music. This was one happy girl.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful start to the weekend! Looking forward to hearing more. Music, food, laughter and friends a great combination! xoxo


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