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Friday, December 9, 2011

Take a walk with me?

Will you take a walk with me? We are going to head on over to Valentino Park. Today is a holiday so it’s a happening place!

Isn’t it beautiful? It gets dark here quite early, hence the shifting shadows and bright colored skies.
We have arrived at one entrance with the huge fountain. I haven’t spent much time in this park I love walking through when I have a chance. There is such a unique mix of flowers and plants.

It’s called a park but parts of it are more like a garden. There are paths all around like this one. It makes me feel like I’m in a storybook.

It’s the start of the Christmas season and there is an indoor carnival on part of the property. There is a mix of English carols and Italian carols playing through speakers. There are families everywhere. For me, this park is about capturing moments. The little girl picking up petals with her grandfather in the rose garden. The couple with their first child all bundled up and we watch as trying to take pictures of the little one smiling. The boys racing around the arches and over the bridges playing tag.

It’s starting to get dark so it’s time to walk back for some spaghetti, tea and some reading. Thanks for walking a part of the city with me!

This is a part of the list. Another one marked off.

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