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Monday, December 5, 2011

Adventures in the City

I am doing a whole lot better, and Sunday was the first day I got out of the apartment. It ended up being an adventurous day. Here is what happened…

I decided to go to church and to get there decided to get a ticket by taking the metro. Tabacchi {tobacco} stores are closed Sundays and they along with the metro are the only ones who sell bus tickets. So after taking the metro I walked to the bus and finally got church a few minutes late. This week I didn’t have anyone translating for me, but I got most of it. At least I hope!

I got to see so many of my new friends again and they all have such different backgrounds and stories. One is an American, but she is fluent in Italian. It is amazing to watch her in action. Then there is mother and daughter originally from Romania. The daughter is in high school and is leanring English so she practices on me. Then there is the young man who gave the message. He is originally from Albania and is also trying to learn English. He asked if he could converse with me and he did so well. He knows more English than I know Italian, but I was happy I got to say “in Italiano.” {That means I was going to translate it into English to help him!} My American friend, Albanian friend, Peruvian friend, and I decided to go for a walk downtown after hanging out at church and fellowshipping with everyone. After walking to the center of downtown, we were at Piazza Castello. I brought my parents here when they visited and I’ve been in all the buildings around it for my Interior design class. They have a huge advent calendar set up and a display of a nativity scene. It is interesting to say the least.

Notice the missing baby Jesus...

While I was soaking up the Italian chatter of my friends, one remarked that it looked like they were filming something. This is a very famous square and there seems to be something going on there all the time. I looked closer just to try and guess and saw this pretty picture…

Yep that’s right, The Amazing Race is coming to Torino!
I don’t know what season they are filming or anything. I don’t know what this means or what else they will have to do. All I know is that the Piazza is the “pit stop for this leg of the race.” Yes I heard the words come out of mouth of Phil Keoghran. And that guy is good, but he still did at least 2 takes while we were standing there. He was also helping the crew with lighting and such. Multi talented! I was surprised by how little equipment they had all together.

The funny part was trying to explain this television show to my friends. In Italian. Oh boy! It’s a race…yes it’s a course…no, not an actual course… * I think they got the gist of it, but I’m sure they think I’m crazy. I tried to tell them that it’s one of the few programs* that I watch. If you know me you know I don’t watch much TV.
They were obviously not as enthusiastic as I we walked to the Christmas market.

The Christmas market is put on for most of the month of December and it is quite the little festive area. They had fresh funnel cake/donuts. If my stomach hadn’t been so tied up still I would have gotten one. I did however have bites of my first farina tanti cotta a legna. It’s made of chickpea flour and olive oil {and they added some spice that I can’t think of right now}. They bake it in wood oven fires. It felt like winter and Christmas just being there.
After all the excitement I had to come back and do homework. But I think the outing was worth it! What did you do that was adventurous this weekend?

They have been decorating while I've been sleeping!

*course= race
programma= plan/schedule/TV show


  1. How fun Amazing Race filming!! We were very disappointed last night as "the boys" were eliminated from the race. They didn't make the final 3- didn't seem fair the way it ended. Oh well a new race to watch with a pit stop in Torino!!! Woohoo- you will have a new reason to watch! xoxo

  2. Lucky Pup! Amazing Race is the best! I am LOVING taking this tour of Italy with you, Belle, and am praying for you often!

  3. Haleigh! This blog is so cute! You're such a good writer--so entertaining!!


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