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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


School, we always think of it as the building and the place you "have" to go to for a period of at least of 13 years (if we are really being honest that number is now about 17...). I am attending SAA Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale. The campus of the University of Torino is spread out all over the city. There are pockets of the campus all over the city. My school is a building resembling a high school. But my "school" is the world. My education comes as much from the classroom as from experiences.

The Italian children started school yesterday. This is a personal apology to American children that you have to start so early! But Italian children often have to go to school on Saturdays. Does that make up for the early start?

On my way home from school today I was walking behind mulitply groups of students with their parents. I haven't figured out if they have shorter days or if they go home for lunch. There is a time during the day where most of the shops close 1ish-2.30ish. I was walking behind two children and their grandfather. He was walking his bike with their backpacks on the handlebars. I thought it was so sweet and wanted to take a picture, but that would be a) way too obvious b) crazy American alerts would start going off. They skipped next to him babbling on about their day. I, of course, couldn't understand what they were saying but it was obviously school related!

I had my first Italian test, which wasn't too bad. I know that I didn't ace it, but I know that I understood it! After our test we had to saty but my professor said " we do something light, nothing too heavy." [you add the heavy Italian accent] So today I got an education in Italian music. Italians love their music, but they aren't known for it. According to our teacher they all like musica leggera or light music. So here are some of my favorites of what we listened to. Enjoy!

A little old school :) and the song that made him famous...

We got asked if we knew no...sorry? But I understand that she is very popular in Europe.

And a silly one to end it...

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