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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Understand

Today I had a conversation in broken English and very broken Italian on my part with a Moroccan and an Italian. They were encouraging me to keep speaking Italian to get better. As I sat there I realized that I have been in Italy 2 weeks. Only 2 weeks and I know so much. I often don’t feel confident about my abilities and have trouble plugging through when I hear people talking at a rapid pace. Today showed me that I understand.

That I don’t imagine the conversation on the street of the woman telling here 3 year old boy, “Look at the beautiful blonde behind us. Isn’t she beautiful? Oh stop playing! Come.”

I am not imagining that the woman talking on the phone is telling the woman on the other line that she is with her friend, having a wonderful day and is on the way to her friend’s house.

That I don’t imagine that the Moroccan gave me a huge compliment in thinking that I was Italian and then when it turned out I wasn’t thought I was French or British. (I was speaking English that he understands a little of so I have no idea what he was thinking).

I’m not imagining or making these conversations up, because I am listening and I understand.

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