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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ciao Bella!

Hello beautiful city! There is so much to say about this is a taste.
As you fly into the Turin airport (Turin and Torino are interchangeable from what I know so far) the colors you see are red and green. It is no wonder that I am in Italy where the Italian flag is red, green and white. The roof tops are mostly red tile and the buildings are painted either green, or off white/taupe colors. From the air the roofs are in direct contrast to the green fields and forests. Don't be fooled, Torino is a CITY! And I learned yesterday it's the fourth largest in Italy after Rome, Naples, and Milan. Yet, most people in the USA don't seem to know about it.
Soon I will get to try the new metro and the extensive bus routes, but people here walk everywhere. It is more common to walk, and its fun to on the cobblestone streets. My roommate and I tried to walk to the open air market a few blocks away, but they had closed down due to some sprinkles of rain. It will be such a fun place to get fresh fruits and vegetables. Right now, they still have summer fruits. The watermelons are huge, not that I will be buying one anytime soon.
When you are in Torino you will see many neon lights that say "bar." There is one almost every block. But don't be fooled they are coffee bars and Italians are coffee drinkers. I myself have already had my first espresso with latte. Don't order latte, you will get only milk!
I have already had pizza, twice. I am still waiting to have pasta, but there is a wonderful place downtown that has delicious gnocchi. I can't wait to try it!
I moved into my apartment today, it is near the south part of the city. It is closer to the school then downtown which is just fine. It should be a 20 minute walk to school, but they all think we are lame and will get tired of walking or think it is too far.
There is so much more and I am taking pictures, though I will have to take more. I will post them soon!

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