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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Italian Night

On Thursday night some friends and I went for an adventure. We thought that it was going to be a smaller group, much easier, and that we were going to have Mexican food. I know it sounds crazy that I would be in Italy and have Mexican food. My hopes were not high (still aren’t…) but I figured it’s worth a try. None of the above things happened:
There was a lot of us. It started out being a few friends meeting up to make dinner, to going out to dinner, to let go with them and invite everyone. As we were meeting up and ready to take the bus to the other side of the river we got a call…‘ There is no room at the restaurant. You can try to come if you want, but we asked to make a reservation for you and they are full.’ Ok….
So we decided to get off a few stops before, take in the view go for a walk, and find some food. I have to mention that in my head I was being a Debbie downer, we have too many people, it’s getting late, we have a lot of people, where are we going to eat? But the first restaurant we stepped into was the one. It was an Italian dream come true.
We sat on the back patio under the twinkling lights. And yes, I was basically sitting in ivy, but I got to watch Italian couples do what everyone does here, enjoy time with each other while drinking wine and eating good food. When we ordered I had some wonderful brucchetta, followed by gnocci. The best gnocci I have ever had. Ever. (Thank you Angela for being willing to share with me.) I only ate half the plate and I was full. So full that I didn’t have any gelato at our next stop. Gnocci covered in melted gorgonzola, I will make this when I am home and it will be wonderful.
So we hit up a famous gelato shop down the street and enjoyed people watching and sitting in front of the Grand Madre (no it is not the big mama, but you may call it that if you like, they don’t get offended by it). And then it was time to go home. We were taking the bus and we waited and waited and waited some more…and then it came. Smiles all around.
And then we got off to take a different line home and we waited again. But we waited a long time, and it was getting late. So we decided to walk and if we caught the bus then excellent, and if not then we just worked off all that food. We walked pretty far, dropped a friend off and then there was the bus! And I ran to catch it (which was totally unnecessary) in my sandals that are falling apart because I walk everywhere in them. We took the bus until they said everyone off. Thankfully I was close to home and crawled into bed so that I didn’t fall asleep in class the next day.

Angela enjoying her creampuff

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