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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of School!

First day of school and all day orientation. Needless to say I’m beat. Today I have learned so much, but have also listened to information that was repeat or unneeded. The school is called SAA and it stands for the School of Business Administration (in Italian of course). It is one building and looks like a highschool because of the corridors. We sat in a classroom for hours listening to the details of our program. After a break for lunch we listened again to details this time from professors about the particular course they are teaching. For lunch I decided to try the cafeteria, which they call the lunch bar. It is so funny to see how they use American English words and put an Italian twist on it. Once inside the lunch bar they had a western sign talking about bars and saloons. Oh my!

The first professor to talk is not teaching a class that I am taking but he was so funny to listen to, a true jokester. His last name is Ferrari and the jokes he made about not having one made everyone laugh. Old Italian men are made of rare stuff!
We are having some difficulties in our apartment with the gas stove and the hot water heater. Apparently our landlord was going to come by to meet us and answer questions, but that didn’t happen. This is the second time we have been told he is planning to come by and hasn’t. Everything takes longer in Italy! It would be nice to cook in my apartment and take a [at least] lukewarm shower. I’m praying it all works out soon and smoothly. I really don’t mind so much, except that Italy is not cheap! I have been blessed with so much [for example internet], that I don’t like complaining for what I don’t have.

Tomorrow, first day of Italian class! (so nervous)

{I'm a little behind in posting but I'm trying to write it all down so that even if its the next day ya'll can read about it}

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