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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Portofino and an Update

On Sunday we took a boat (ferry?) to Portofino, that place where the celebrities go to visit. While it is extremely beautiful it is a very small area. The amount of designer stores that are in this tiny city is {I think I rolled my eyes a couple of time while walking down the street, sorry ya’ll}
We hiked to an old castle (there’s a lot of castles here, but they are modest dwellings) and saw an animal art exhibition {don’t ask. I didn’t take pictures} and the lovely surrounding area.
After our little hike we went and walked around the town. Yes, I saw all of Portofino in under an hour. It was nice, quaint, and there were people everywhere. I’m sure that celebrities get pampered, but there are a lot of tourists around because the celebrities go there. I’m obviously a little confused.
I am not ranting or putting down Portofino. It is a lovely town. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had the money to spend on a nice lunch watching the water and people, and if it hadn’t rained. Yep. You saw that right, it rained. It has rained every weekend I’ve been here. I’m not complaining. I find it amusing. I wish I had pictures of all of us dripping wet and finishing our gelato.
We headed back to Santa Margherita and some people decided to go to Torino early. I went a little earlier but stayed around long enough to
a) Get more foccacia, this time with pesto because I missed out the first time {side note: I was in the region of pesto. I love pesto, but that’s the reason I was soaking it up.}
b) Explore more of Santa Margherita
c) Get stopped by a Californian, New Yorker, and Canadian who were there for a sailing race. There are some really interesting people around here. It was weird to be hearing English from someone I didn’t know

That is the end of the Italian Riviera. Thanks for sticking with me through the retelling.

This week I: had an Italian test…I got a B. Got to study hard for the final.
-Spent half a day at the immigration office {Standing} to get my permit of stay. Talk about a room of interesting people. I would compare the experience to the DMV {with some minor corruption}.
-Had my first Italian Cuisine class. Oh the dessert, peaches and chocolate. You will get a full post on the experience. Remind me if I forget to cover it {or you get impatient}.
-Homework is in full force unfortunately.

Goal: be able to write very day so that my posts aren’t so long (:
Headed to PortofinoThe viewIn the garden of the castle brownRaining!Out of the rain to warm foodThe pesto slathered foccacia Going home to Torino

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