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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This isn't talked about here, but this is evidence of the many gelato runs

We think Italy, we think food. If I’m wrong, tell me. Before I came here I related Italy to food, family, and more food. And yes, it’s true. Food is a HUGE deal!
First day of my Italian cuisine class and I learned lots, well some more than I knew before. And in my Italian class we talked about regions and food. It’s been a food day!

Fun Facts:

*There are 2 main meals a day. Sorry breakfast lovers, your favorite meal is more of a snack. As I’ve written about previously a cappuccino and a croissant tide you over until lunch. Italians call 8.30/9am early so you should be fine.

*Lunch is kind of a big deal by the fact that shops shut down for a couple hours in the afternoon. About 1.30pm, if you walk down the street it’s quiet. Either rice or pasta is a given for this meal.

*Dinner is the main meal and is enjoyed to the fullest. No skipping out to go to practice or finish homework. Italians eat with their family and friends. Tradition.

* Italians like their food fresh! No preservatives, no precooked or premade. I have to say I like it. Although, I have to buy food way too often. Can’t buy too much or it will go bad. (I hate wasting food...) *Everything is from scratch. Can you see my smile glowing through your computer? I love this element!

*They eat in season. I believe I already said this, but Italians eat foods by season. That means that peaches and bell peppers are in season, so they are less expensive and readily available. When the new season starts the new fruit/veggie {primizzia} is expensive because a) it’s harder to find b)the first crop is the best of the season c) people have been living off peaches and peppers and want something new! No rain checks! I’m familiar with this concept from the Bible, so it was neat to see it being lived out. Italians are changing the way they do things and are a part of the slow food movement.

*Each region has their specialty. My professor was so funny when she said something to the effect of “if I don’t mention a region, that is because they aren’t famous for any food item.” Basically they are copy cats of other regions…great

*Torino(Piedmont), my region, is famous for chocolate (yay nutella!), agnolotti (small ravioli stuffed with meat), gnocci and grissini (similar to breadsticks).

*I’m going to the Luguria region in a week and a half. I can’t wait for the awesome pesto!

*We will be learning wine pairings in my cuisine class. I’m excited for this, but obviously haven’t had much experience, not being 21. Torino is very famous for some of their wines, I learn more everyday

And just in case you were wondering…

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