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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Fresh, fresh food! I have found a favorite gelato shop, although I know where the one next to school is and the 2 next to my apartment. Yes, I love ice cream. If you get gelato try nutella flavor. Fun fact: Nutella originated in Torino and is still made right outside the city. My nutella comes in a glass jar. How cool is that!

This morning I had an Italian breakfast. Italians see breakfast a little differently, make it simple and involve milk as filler. Un Cappuccino per favore. (And if you feel like you need it a pastry.)
After class in which I had my first oral report, (nervous…) I met my roommate at the open market. We had been told that they had food that was cheaper and fresher. True! We got peaches and a pepper which are in season, parmesan cheese (the real stuff!), eggs, and basil with the roots and some dirt still attached. All that for under 10 US dollars! Success! One of the sellers asked where we were from “Americano?” “Si” “New York?” “No, California” “Ah California” {huge smile} I think he gave us a discount. We’ll be going back. We got peaches from his shop, they taste a little different but they are delicious!

We stopped at a crepe shop down the street and they asked us if we could try their pancakes. They found out we were from California and wanted to know if their American pancakes tasted like the real ones. I guess we’ll be going back for a taste test!
By the time I come back I will be spoiled on fresh food. I might have to start a garden like this roof top garden:

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