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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Things I've Learned working in market research

People, companies, have really interesting websites
Some people are still kids at heart and even though you’ve never met them…you can tell. 
A website can tell you a whole lot about someone. Just think what your facebook or blog says!
Don’t be afraid to name your company something crazy.  I’m not giving any examples, but use your imagination {or someone else’s}
Some jobs you do to get done, others are all about the process not the ending
You can make a business out of an idea.  Literally. Think about the cloud, it is an idea turned into reality {Sort of}
Spelling is important, but not all the time {yay for me and my horrible spelling and grammar}
Graphics are important.  It is also important to have easy navigation of a website.  This is how you get people to stay and stick around {I know I need to work on this here on the blog, not to worry, already noted}
Put your leadership team or management team on your website.  It makes it more personal.  And when you put them up there with titles listed they are making me happy and my job easier.
You can learn something from any job you do.  Seriously, you are going learn something.  Take it from a newly working woman!
What job did you learn the most from? or What was the most important lesson you learned on the job?

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