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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sometimes and Always {White Collar Edition}

I am not a big TV watcher.  I've gone weeks without watching it.  I love movies, but TV, eh.  It could be partly that through out my entire life I have had cable for about a year and a half.  Total.  And I didn't pay for it, so I was ok with it. 
 I do however have access to Netflix...  yeah. Now I can watch 'good' TV, without the commercials. 

 Enter in White Collar.

Now you know what I'm doing when I'm not writing for the blog.  Family bonding time.  Otherwise known as watch white collar, and go to bed too late.
This is a pretty pointless post, but you had to be let in on the secret.

Sometimes: I am fine with not having cable and TV at the tip of my fingers
Always:  I usually don't know what shows people are talking about

Sometimes: I think I'll just watch one more episode
Always:  It's a war. To sleep or not to sleep? I've lost way too much sleep over a TV show...

Sometimes:  I wish I hadn't heard of this show
Always:  I see the benefits. There are some great family nights that have centered around this show.

Sometimes:  Neil Caffery, you are great.  Wish you were real.  You would keep me on my toes ad drive me crazy :)
Always:  I don't think I would trust you completely.  But I know you would have my back.  {how does that contradiction work?}

Sometimes:  There's whining. You started it without me?!?
Always:  We forgive each other.  And then we laugh at all the one liners.  {We love each other, can you tell?}

Sometimes:  I wish Netflix would hurry up and get season 3
Always:  I'm glad for a break.  I don't need to watch a show.

If you are looking for a time consuming, witty, not much blood and gore, action packed show...check it out.  But you've been warned :)

Linking up with Megan's much more insightful and deeper Sometimes & Always series


  1. I think I may have found a new show! We love netflix too! we are canceling out cable this week because we don't use it! I found you through the link up. Check out my post if you get a chance. Loved your sometimes & always this week.

  2. OMG. i cannot even begin to tell you how i feel about matt bomer.

    he is so freaking beautiful. so. beautiful.

    i actually blogged about him today too!

  3. Ayyooo :) Pretty pictures :)) Proud to say I am your newest follower. Hollaaa.

    Lady Million


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