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Monday, July 30, 2012

Those things called the Olympics


A couple of weeks ago I disclosed that I don’t really watch much TV.  Yeah…when the Olympics are on that changes.  

I remember as a little girl being allowed to stay up late to watch the women’s gymnastics team.  Somehow in my little mind, I could someday be on that team.  Being the realistic adult that I now am, I know that that would never happen.  Again, I admit that I can’t do a cartwheel.  Many years of failed attempts and I have finally accepted that I won’t be a gymnast.  I’m impressed and awed by the stunts that they can do.  I think my favorite is the floor routine… {subject to change}

Then there is swimming.  Yes, for some reason, I the child who had trouble keeping my face in the water during swim lessons, decided I might be able to contend against the fastest swimmers in the world.  I love childhood dreams.  I have developed a love for swimming, but I am very humble in the fact that I do it for exercise {and the fact that one year of swim team made it so I don’t know how to do anything but swim laps in a pool} and for  the pure enjoyment of gliding through the water.

The Olympics are something that unites people and I love that!  I love that this year I discovered sports I’ve never heard of, or sports that I forget are a part of the games.  I love that cultures collide and people meet others from around the world. 

There are things that I don’t like and would love to change {or sometimes just want to smack the commentator or news anchor on the side of the head}.  But overall, that’s not what makes the Olympics exciting. 
I will say that sitting watching people makes me feel like a lazy bum.  And I will say that I would love to travel and see the people from all over the world meet in a spot for a common goal.  Isn’t that what makes the Olympics motivating the athletics and the travel?

What is your favorite summer Olympic sport?  And what team did you hope to be on {real or in your childhood dreams}?

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