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Monday, July 16, 2012

Feeling Behind, but Looking Ahead

This whole blogging thing has got me learning and questioning at every turn.  Here's how I see it:

I could blog about that! It's going to be such a good I have to find a picture


daydreaming and writing in my head {usually in the car or shower, you know the most opportune time to use a computer}...oh, now I have to remember that so I can type it.  and wouldn't it be fun to emphasis this point and link to that site...


I wait for an event and then it happens and then life gets in the way...{all the time}4th of July, I'll be happy if I review it in July.  it was a great day...


wow that was really deep.  does anyone understand what I tried to write, that just went though my brain?  does anyone even care?  probably not, but would said reader understand...? ugh

Needless to say I feel constantly behind in my blogging capabilities.  There are things I'd love to do like create a blog button, and figure out how to do fun things like a new blog design. and I'd love to have more of a direction.  I don't want to be in a box of what I have to write about, but I would love to have a direction

Now we are going to move on, because this blog is not a pitty party.  
It is a place to share adventures and life experiences.  
and I am excited to share some of my heart, some happenings.  Here we go; to not feeling guilty for a non-everyday post {cause its going to happen a lot}, 
to a little more planning for said posts, 
and also to learning about running a blog and 
making this space welcoming just like the title...


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