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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Walking Day {Paris 3}

There was this great idea to see the city and walk to the Louve…yeah I walked along half the river Monday morning. Adventure.
Arriving at the Louve we knew that we would get in free {See Tip #5 and know how wonderful France is to students} but we still had to wait in line to get tickets. The line was long. We stood for 1.5 hours in line to get our free tickets. Dedication. We would have come back the next day when it was supposed to rain, but the Louve isn’t open on Tuesdays.
Tip 6: know what days the museums are open, or rather when they are not.
We finally made it in and enjoyed walking around and seeing the things we wanted to see. We spent a good 2.5 hours there before heading out to find food.
We were going to go to Notre Dame so we decided to head in that direction. We walked. Because we are poor college students we walked and didn’t pay for the Metro. I don’t know if that was smart or not, all I was thinking was that I needed to find a chair. And I did and some food. Finally. The water was expensive because apparently it was not clear that I wanted tap water. {Lady at the café, you are not my favorite and I’m not going back to your café.}
Tip 7: You will make mistakes as a tourist because this isn’t your city. I make one at least every trip and it costs dearly {in my eyes}.
Tip 8: When you order water in France you can get free water. {You can’t in Italy so don’t try it} Just ask for a craft, not a bottle. Its tap water but it’s not bad.
Anyways we then went to Notre Dame and saw a huge long line. I decided that I didn’t need to go in that badly. And I figured that I would go the next day…but somehow that didn’t make the priorities list for Tuesday. Then we walked some more.
When I think of Paris I think of a little street on the 2nd island in Paris {there are 2 islands in Paris did you know that?} that has ice cream shops and little boutiques. We got ice cream. I don’t really know what flavor I got but I know that it was raspberry, mostly…
Then we hopped on the metro and went home to get ready for dinner at a crepe place near us. On the way home I got an éclair. I figured I was in Paris and I don’t know when I’ve had a real éclair. It was delicious and a perfect before dinner snack.
We got crepes. The first one was savory and mine had an egg on it. Parisians love eggs, they put them in/on everything…quiche, pastries, ice cream, sandwich. Everything. Fitting that I would order that. The second was a savory crepe. I split one as I had had plenty of sugar. Mine did not say that it would be flambéed or lit on fire on the menu but I think the waiter was a little over eager and decided to do it anyways.
Then we walked {had to put that in there again} to the Eiffel tower. It’s so fun to see it sparkle. And that is how I ended a perfectly un-scary Halloween…

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