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Monday, November 14, 2011


You all on have had a the pleasure of viewing my {sweet}indulgences here on the blog. I am of course talking about the food. But today I mean the museums too.
Torino is a city of cars. Yes they are everywhere and parked in the most random places and at the most interesting angles, but that’s not what I mean. See Torino is {well it used to be more than now} an industrial city, but that is because of the auto industry. There is a lot of car stuff around here, from famous designers, to factories, to museums.
I am one of those girls that grew up around cars. Sometime I like cars, other days not so much {check engine light you make me nervous}. Growing up I went to car shows trailing my daddy while holding his hand. He would point and spout off the facts of the car in front of us. Most of that stuff still goes over my head. All of it, built up an appreciation in me for old cars and eventually a little bit of a love from ‘em too.
Yesterday I filled this indulgence by heading to a new museum here in Torino. When I mentioned that this museum was new a friend said “oh, that’s cool.” Then I said, “No, as in it’s only been open for 2 months” to which she replied “Ohhhh!” Yes, it is that new.
I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Europeans know how to do museum layouts. It was done to not only delight the car enthusiast, but those that are interested in design and those that are new to the whole car world. The displays had movement to attract attention and there was a mix of history, pretty cars and hands on activities.
I love the oldies more than the new flashy cars, but they didn’t have my favorite and dream car. You all are going to think I’m crazy, but my dream car is a truck. A truck between the years of ‘34 and ‘50 to be specific. I love the old pickups that were used for market.

Another indulgence I’ve tried a few more times is a local specialty. Yes it’s in the food category. Bicerin. I can indulge since it won’t be getting any in US, right? This drink is truly the way a mocha is supposed to be. Layered espresso, hot chocolate, and crema. Yum!

{Don’t worry Mom, the marathon in Torino this weekend made me want to exercise a little bit more}

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  1. If you haven't seen it already you might enjoy this link to the history and more of Caffe al Bicerin- a delightful indulgence! Thanks for sharing it with us-ummm so enjoyed!


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