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Monday, November 21, 2011

Known for their Food

I went to my last cooking class. It was disappointing to be done, but we had a lot of fun making lots of food!

We made the food in a somewhat random order, so I’m just going to take you through a tour of the meal it’s self and put in the extras where needed:
To start off with we made Mozzarella in Carrozza. Which I told my roommates was like making grilled cheese into French toast. It was a different twist, but naturally delicious! For this recipe you actually {deep} fry the bread and cheese in olive oil. Olive oil is healthier for you, but for this recipe you want to not use extra virgin olive oil, just use the cheap stuff!

Then we had Insalata di Arance or Orange salad. We didn’t actually make it, and it has a punch of a taste. I feel like I’ve had a similar dish before and it is so easy. Oranges, red onion, olive oil, pepper, salt, and if you choose black olives and parsley. It is great for digestion, cleanses the palate and is in season all winter! Our first course was Tagliatelle alla Carbonara or pasta with carbonara sauce. We made the pasta. Yes we made them and it is so easy, well if you a pasta cutter that is. They are classified as egg noodles and then we put carbonara sauce which is white cheese sauce with eggs and bacon. Lots of eggs where used during this meal! Most people make the mistake of cooking the eggs before putting them in the pasta, but you actually mix the eggs with the cheese sauce and then you pour it over the cooked noodles and then mix in the bacon. The hot noodles and bacon cook the eggs. It is completely sanitary, but is still a little odd. This dish is very filling!

Our second course was Tortino Salato di Porri which literally translates to Savory Pie of Leeks. It is very similar to quiche, but the Italian version {obviously}. We added trout, but I think I wouldn’t put it in as ours had a little too much of a fishy flavor. I liked it so much because it has Swiss or Gruyere, ricotta, and Parmesan cheese. And I was excited for the onions and leeks. Yum!

Instead of having a meat we had the trout in the 2nd course and then the contorno or side to a meat dish was Parmigiana di Melanzane or Eggplant Parmesan. This is also a heavier dish because of the eggplant, but delicious. I’m planning on trying it out again for dinner tonight. It’s funny to me that we call it parmesan because it has just as much or more mozzarella in it!

I know this doesn't look super appetizing, see belowthis is before it's baked in the oven, looks much better!

For dessert we made zabaglione sauce which you can change up with different liquors. It is a pudding that was created in the region I live in. It can be served in cups, hot or cold and with a spoon or used as a sauce like we did. We had ours over traditional Christmas dessert bread. The combination was perfect.

I know that I do not put the recipes up, but I would be glad to type up any that you might want to try! I’ve been trying to take steps of the process during class. Maybe I will make a recipe book with pictures…we’ll see if that actually happens!

egg count for this meal{going by the recipes}=12

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  1. So you made a variation of our onion pie! And here I was feeling bad that you would miss out. Now to figure out how you can have Aunt Charlotte's cornflake yams.... Love you and thankful for new dishes in cooking class!


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