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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Round 2

There were so many things going through my head today that I thought about writing. I’ve decided on the request of my dear momma that I will try my best to explain some of the displays in the cinema museum. You are going to have to work with me here. So turn on your imagination. {Imaginations are one of my favorite things that God created.} And don’t get upset if you see this in person some day and my words and your imagination led you astray!

When you walk into the museum you walk through a red velvet curtain. The first displays had low lighting for a) effect, because darkness makes things more dramatic b) to preserve all the old equipment and prints/artifacts c) light is the basis of film and projecting images. After getting to the end of these displays you watch one of the first moving pictures and then walk through more red curtains to a glass elevator. {All the elevators are glass which is weird and cool because it’s willie-wonka-charlie-&-the-chocolate-factory-isk}
We went up two floors and there are the displays with clips of movie set with that type of scene. The first was focused on Offices and had a big desk set 1950’s style with phone, pens and Kelly green ascents. The walls were covered in black and white framed photos of movie sets and casts. The screen is in the back.
The next cubby had movie theater red bucket seats reflecting of mirrors and the screen is on the ground projecting scenes from movies in movie theaters. Next we come to boxes from movie crews and random props and there are clips about the importance of location of a movie. The last scenes are of famous actresses, the oldies. It has a giant pair of high heels, giant champagne bottle and glasses. There is a giant hairbrush and boas cover the area.
Walking around the corner there is multiple clips from a made up scene that show how editing works and sounds and special effects like flying. After this you have to walk back through the special effects hall to get to the stair so go down a level. These stairs lead to the center of the entire building which is a really large movie theater. Do a 360 with me…
Look up and see a winding staircase around the entire room. It slowly elevates you up into the column of the building. Along the trail are movie posters and stills from scenes of Robert Altman movies. In the middle of the room you see cables hanging from the ceiling, this carries one of those glass elevators up to the top of the mole. {clarification: the building is called the mole pronounced mole-a. the building houses the cinema museum}
Go down the staircase and look straight into what looks like a living room playing scenes from movies that are family/inspirational movies. Look right and see a door that if you walk through and look right you will be standing in an old western bar watching the good ol’ western clips. Keep walking and you will end up in a mirrored room that shows clips from “self reflection speeches”, you know those inspirational pep talks they do in movies where the character says a monologue to themselves in the mirror in 3rd person. Keep going and you will see some sci fi clips and clouds and toilets as seats. You will think it’s really odd and want to get out of there as soon as possible. You realize the way you exit is through a giant refrigerator door with all kinds of odd food sitting in the door compartment. {I am not making this up! Told you that you had to think ridiculous}
You decided to venture in the door to the right of the rather large refrigerator and find the land of cartoons. The world of Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes and Disney princesses. Walk back out and look across the room at the bar in Torino showing scenes that were filmed in Torino. To the right of that is a huge statue that seems like it is from Egypt and came out of Indiana Jones. These clips are of foreign films. To the right is the horror films {If you are like me you skip this room} and the last room is love and death {I know great combination}. It boasts a large tomato red bed with a red and deep purple canopy and plush pillows. It plays clips from classic love stories with death scenes {it was little creepy because to watch the clips you have to lie on the bed…no thanks}.
You have now been around the entire cinema museum.

Thanks for taking the tour with your imagination! Let me know if you need clarification, I’m going off memory here!

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  1. Wow! Not at all what I was thinking, I was stuck in regular museum type displays. Sounds very creative and interesting! Thanks for explaining as best as possible :)


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