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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Final Day {Paris 4}

This was our last morning so we were all packed up and ready to go for later that evening. We got some breakfast and then headed to the D’orsy. Remember top 2 museums in Paris this is the other one on that list. Hello impressionism.
We got there when they opened so we only had to wait in line for a little while. We walked the museum and I was enjoying it all. It’s the imperfect making a perfect picture. So much like people.
Last time I was here you could take pictures. This time that was not an option. And they had redone a lot of things, so the walls that were white were now purple. {Why do I remember these things?} It was still wonderful. You know how I told you it was supposed to rain Tuesday. Yeah well we spent the clear part of the day in the museum. And then it was raining when we were done. Bright side, the line was really long and everyone was trying to keep under an umbrella when we left.
For lunch we went in search of the oldest café in Paris. It took us awhile and stopping in multiple hotels to ask for directions before we found it. It wasn’t as great as we thought so we continued to wander looking for food.
Tip 9: Ask for directions at hotels or cafés. There is a likely chance they will know the place that you are speaking of, usually speak English, and in the case of hotels usually have internet if they need to look the place up
We ended up finding a place that had the perfect French meal for a rainy fall day. Appetizer was French onion soup with bread and lots of cheese. Then came the beef bougion and finally crème brulee. We were all so full by the end that we wandered the streets some more trying to walk it all off. It was at this point that we decided that seeing Notre Dame was not needed. Robyn and I stayed and looked at famous cafés. We wanted to people watch. We ended up at a café that was not on the famous list but we could stay dry and watch people and have coffee. It was so nice to sit and enjoy the last few hours in Paris!
We headed out of Paris that night after grabbing our last baguettes. After arriving near the airport for our morning flight we walked out of the train station into fog. Looking for our hotel that night was interesting. We arrived safe and sound and snuggled in for the night. The next morning we flew back to home sweet Torino.

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