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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Creepin' through the walls

When I first moved into my apartment here in Torino we could hear the neighbors through the walls, sometimes . Or rather I should say we would hear their TV. There was news on in the evening and then they would turn it off about 9 pm. I don’t know if it’s the colder weather or new family dynamics. I don’t know if someone has different work hours or there’s just more exciting shows. I don’t know, but the TV is on a lot. It’s not on for a few hours a day, it’s on all day!
When I wake up in the morning there will be silence and then I will realize I hear a talk show coming through the wall, and then a soap opera and then another talk show. When I come back from school in the afternoons or evenings the TV is still on, and I can’t really make out the show. Sometimes the news comes on or a movie. And during the course of the evening it can be heard coming through the walls. And the suddenly I will listen and hear silence again. All through the wall directly by my bed.
This wall also lets the sounds of water from the apartment above come creeping through the walls. I can tell you when someone is taking a shower or just washing their hands. I don’t know if they have something broken or getting fixed or they are just clumsy, but I can hear some thumping going on at about 7am.
Then there’s the apartment above that has decided to move all their dining room furniture multiple times this week…And it makes me wonder what I sound like to my neighbors. Can they tell every move that I make? I try to be quiet, but is it actually working?

My ears have become so accustomed to the sounds that I don’t even notice the instant it’s gone. I think that that is a lot how life is right now for me. Here I know things are different than the US, I recognize that there are differences. I often don’t remember what they are. I just know that there are differences.
There will be differences tonight as we at the school have our Thanksgiving dinner. I have no idea what we will eat, only that there will be turkey. Who knows what shape or form it will be in. Who knows what they think us Americans eat. There will be differences.
Are there things that you’ve become accustomed to? Things we take for granted? Things to be thankful for? {Yes, I just snuck in the thankfulness phrase, more on that tomorrow}

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