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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Walking in the Dark

So are you ready? Ready for a story of finding things down dark alleyways in Italy? Don’t worry it has a happy ending, and no one got hurt. Sorry I had to go spoil it but I didn’t want you to be all worried!
My parents got into Italy after missing their connecting flight and the next day headed to Lake Como. It was our meeting spot and let me tell you, we picked good! Coming out of the slightly scary train station after sitting in the pitch black train for at least a half hour meant they were a welcome sight. Good things coming from the night seemed to be a theme this weekend.
Of course our adventures in the dark didn’t end there. For the next night the Bed and Breakfast host had reserved a table for the three of us. It’s always a little interesting when the Italian recommends his friend down the street. Culturally Italians become friends and then have a huge trust in eachother which then leads to them sticking with their friends for all recommendations. And it gets even more fishy when he says that it’s a good value. But we decided to give it a try.
We came back Sunday night and went to find the host for directions and specifics. He was nowhere to be found and the building was again pitch black. So off the little remembrances of taking the back path, that it was a fish restaurant, and “the perch was excellent” we headed off with my flashlight. We walked the highway for a bit until the narrow bridge and then we doubled back to a small path I had seen. This was the only path that didn’t have a gate and didn’t go directly into someone’s back yard or front door.
We headed down the path and it was according to my mom “a whole different world.” My dad said it said “like I stepped back into time.” I’m a little more used to the narrow roads and stone building alleyways but it was still awe enticing. We would get to a dead end in the low light and say well, I guess we’ll go right. Or we would say wow that looks dark, but it goes up. When we came to a dead end the only way was up so we took the stairs toward the highway. We came out and heard people’s voices and dinner plates clinking. Could we have actually found it? We looked around and yes, we had found it. I felt like a mole coming to the surface.
The food was amazing. I had to practice my interpretive skills. And it was a good deal for the incredible food. The owner sat and personally helped us order. He laughed at my Italian and made up a dish for me. I want to decorate as tactfully as the adorable restaurant. It was a wonderful experience.
Going through darkness just means there has to be something better when you come up. Right?

We went and walked the path in the daylight. Way less scary and intimidating!


  1. Hi Haleigh!

    Say Hi to your parents for me! Ken and I are co-workers - back here, we think about him each day (and all the incredible food he must be eating!) and hope he is enjoying his precious time out there. Hope you continue to enjoy the journey and adventures!

    Andy Liu

  2. Debbie Kelly26/10/11 12:23

    Hi Haleigh!
    Your mom and I are sitting here looking at your pictures! Now she's teaching me how to post on your blog!
    More later!!!
    Ciao Bella!!


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