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Thursday, October 27, 2011

L'art Nouveau

by de Fuere

If you haven’t noticed I throw the phrase “I love” or “I like” at a lot of different topics. I have interests or some knowledge on a lot of topics but I never feel like I have that niche. One of those topics that I have great admiration of and sometimes put myself in the category of having some talent is…ART! That’s right I love art. Well, that’s broad, and I don’t love all art styles. I now have a name to one style that I have admired for a couple years. I don’t think I realized that I liked it so much until I spent a 2.5 hour lecture on it yesterday in interior design class…ugh. Sitting for that long is difficult, but at least I got look at pretty art!

I like the French variation of L’art Nouveau. It is a style that basis is rooted in Japan and was adapted to become what it is by Europeans. This was very surprising to me because I don’t usually like East Asian art, but I am learning I am fond of Japanese art and how it was shaped into L’art Nouveau. It was developed and invested in by this man named Siegfried Bing. One of my favorite artists was a designer of his, de Feure. De Feure originally designed posters so basically an early graphic designer {is that why I like his designs?}. The other designer I really enjoy is a Belgian designer named, Victor Horta.

Ok now that all you non art fanatics are bored and weren’t looking for a history lesson or to tour a museum we will do a little segway. This style that I have finally learned the name to and could give you plenty of information on now {ask any questions you may have} was realized and centrally located in Paris in France. They have some great museums with this style and impressionist art {another favorite, ironically appearing just before this style in history} in Paris.

Victor all mediums
This weekend I am headed to Paris. I keep getting the question of why I am going if I’ve already been before {it’s true}. I had a fine experience in Paris, but there are a few things that need to redeem themselves…hence why I’m going again. I am all about second chances and redemption, please Paris redeem yourself. And really, who wouldn’t want to visit this famous city?

All these pictures are not my own, so I do not take credit for them.

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