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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Living in History

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I don’t know how much you watch, listen to, or consume the news but Europe is trouble. Or rather the European Union is in trouble which includes 27 “European” countries. So that means it’s a big deal. There are constant negotiations going on about whether to let Greece go or collectively pay for its debt. If Greece is let go…well…then Italy is next to be under fire. This is not to worry you, or to make you think that I’m unsafe over here. I’m living in history. Isn’t that amazing?!
There is an aspect to all of this that is hard to think about. As my professor said today “When I read the reports of people that are more intelligent than I, I get thrill and have trouble sleeping” {He is Italian, so English grammar/words is not always perfect when he speaks}. What he is referring to is the possible collapse of the Euro, or monetary system. If the euro collapses then the EU will most likely collapse. No one knows the consequences of Greece staying or leaving and no one knows the future if the euro collapses. He asked a German girl in my class what the German people’s attitude was to all this and she said that the people feel “…quite lost, and disappointed in the government. It is negative and pessimistic…” attitude in relation to the euro and the government pushing for the euro to be imposed. In a way the members of the EU are waiting for what might happen. Like I’ve said, I’m living in history right now.
In about a month I will be going to Brussels to see the EU buildings and to meet some of the officials. Yes, I’m going to meet really important people that change the lives of Europeans that ultimately change the lives of you and me. Is that scary or wonderful? I’m not really sure.
I guess the point of all this is; live in the moment, say a prayer for the leaders of the world {specifically the EU}, and keep tabs on World news {none of that just American news stuff}.

On another note:
Life is not dull here, but is settling into a pattern with classes and tests and snippets of time to explore the city. As well as keeping everyone informed on day to day adventures, I would love to hear your questions and comments. I had planned to write a post about the differences in life here and America but they have become less apparent. Here is where you come in…Ask a question about life here or Italian culture or anything that applies to what I have written. It might get put into a post or at least will be answered by me!

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