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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fun times

Done, oh yes! I have finished my Italian classes. I am going to be continuing to use my {limited} Italian knowledge because people in Torino generally do not speak English. In Florence last week it was the opposite. You could live in the city for the same amount of time and have no more knowledge of the language than when you arrived. To me that is sad and disappointing. What do you think?
I know that I haven’t updated in a few days. Here is what has been going on:
-Lots of class. I had the same amount of class, but for some reason it seemed like so much more!
-Lots of studying. Like stated before, I am done with one of my classes, so we had a final that I needed to study for. Success!
-Planning for many adventures to come…
-Planning for my parents arrival! They are in Italy with me! Yay!

My parents and I just spent some time at Lake Como {fun fact: that’s not its real name…do you know what the real name is?} taking in the little towns, the way the water hits the shore and some delicious lake fish! I am so incredibly blessed to have them come visit. To be honest it’s a bit surreal that they are here.
Because I have been with my parents my mom has been taking the pictures. She is so excellent at capturing life! But that means there aren’t any pictures on my camera to show you that they are actually here. Ya’ll have to wait a couple days…

On Saturday before I met up with them, I went with people from school to the international truffle fair. It’s a huge deal here, and it’s truffles as in fungi…as in mushrooms…as in, not chocolate. Bummer! But the fair had some hazelnuts {which mix well with chocolate}, truffles of course and wine. I’d say it was a good day. The town of Alba where this is held each year was so adorable and it was fun to walk the streets. {I found the nutella factory…dangerous, very dangerous!}

On the bus on the way...REALLY expensive food On the way we stopped at a castle and saw a beautiful hill turning colors

I’m a little disappointed…I don’t have any questions to answer from any of you. It’s never too late for inquiring minds to get some answers… just leave a message in the comments section or send me an email

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