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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Venice {Parte due}

We woke to the bright sunshine streaming through the windows and none of us wanted to get up. But get up we did. We decided to have breakfast at the hotel and the woman was so sweet. Momma and I got yummy hot chocolate. One thing I want to integrate into American society is small pitchers. Momma got a pitcher of hot chocolate. Daddy got a pitcher of coffee and one with steamed milk. I got a pitcher of hot chocolate. And then there were two more with milk for cereal, yay know for good measure.
After we hit the water on the vaporetto headed for the Rialto Bridge in the daylight. After seeing the bridge, climbing its steps and taking pictures with it as the lovely backdrop we went on our way to Frari Church. It has the tallest tower in Venice. It was nice but since we were there in Sunday there was a service going on so we didn’t go inside. In was so fun to be inside the city. We walked past a coffee shop but we ended up there later.

On the way to St. Mark’s square to see it in the daylight we hit a road block. There was a marathon going on. So I know that Venice is made up of more than 26.3 square miles but it just seems like an odd place to have a marathon. They had to use floating buoyed docks to create a path spanning the Gran Canal. It was a little odd but I guess if you are going to do a marathon why not do it in Venice?! My dad mentioned that it would be interesting to do a triathlon in Venice. The water is gross…sorry I veto that one Daddy! And as you so clearly pointed out biking in a city with water at every turn would be disastrous. Oh the things we joke about in my family!

Again we tried to have coffee in St. Mark’s square but I wanted to people watch and watch the marathon and neither of those were possible from the spots we had to choose from. Instead we weaved our way back through the streets to the first little coffee shop. Daddy and I had coffee with nutella lined cups. Momma had the cafĂ© specialty and we shared an almond cake yum!

I'm not excited at all... Having a little fun after our coffee We made our way back to the hotel and got things ready from me to leave and then I was hopping on the train. It was a short time, but we covered so much of the city. I loved wandering through the streets. There is a sense of mystery in deciding which alley to take and finding the next bridge that completes the next part of the path like a puzzle.

Today I had an International Business Conference and I can't wait to share what it was all about!

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