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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I didn't think this would be in Italy...

In San Luis Obispo there is this wonderful Thursday night ritual that happens after Farmer’s Market called Line Dancing. It’s where the “cool kids” go to get some energy out and stay up way too late before Friday morning classes. Country music is big in San Luis Obispo, and apparently it’s made its way to Torino, Italy. Yes, there is a country line dancing club in Torino. I didn’t go looking for it; I just walked past a bunch of people in cowboy hats and boots on the street.

Backing up to how this happened…
Today I tried out a church service in downtown. It was a nice service, but it was difficult because it’s an international English speaking church. That means that its members come from all over and they speak English usually has a second language. They speak English and are more comfortable with it than Italian, and that’s about it. There were a few things that got misinterpreted. Glad I went!
Afterwards I knew that there would be a street fair or block party near my house so I walked the street with friends and not far along in our travels we met the Line dancers. They were so excited that we knew what they were doing. It was a strange occurrence, and then we moved on down the street. But not before Emily corralled me into taking some pictures with them…
After seeing all there was we grabbed lunch at some of the vendors and then sat in the cafĂ© and talked about life. I didn’t have my camera because I traded it for a bible in my purse this morning, thus the reason for lacking photos.
We ended with watching the line dancers perform and then hit the books.

Torino you never cease to amaze me! (:

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