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Monday, February 27, 2012

Learn By Doing

If you have ever been a student at, or known a student at Cal Poly you have probably heard this motto. You probably know that this motto is the base for every class taught. There must be something in the curriculum that teaches to this. It’s a wonderful {sometimes frustrating} philosophy.

Learn by Doing

Yes, you learn in the “classroom” how to do your major. It’s a wonderful opportunity. It means that biology students are required to take more hands on labs. Architecture students have endless amounts of studio time and often look as if they haven’t slept in days {which sadly, is true}. Liberal arts students are required to observe and to work in the classrooms of local elementary schools. Biomedical engineers not only take more labs but also take field trips into the area of study. Philosophy majors…now I don’t know what they do but that’s not the point. Business majors…Do you know what we do?
I’m in the midst of it so take your guesses. Next time I’ll let you in on how we down {I say this because our building is at the bottom of the hill or “bottom” of campus} in the business college “learn by doing”. Post your guesses in the comments section…

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  1. umm.... you look into companies and their policies? You keep your finances balanced? You set up a mini business? You play the stock market and win big?! You market Cal Poly? You go to endless meetings?

    Looking forward to real answers! xoxo


Thanks for your sweet comment!